Tokyo Flash Japan Optical Illusion Watch, Stare Into The Watch

Optical Illusion Watch

Optical Illusion Watch

What do you get the gadget lover that has everything?  How about a watch.  No, not the typical watch that has hands, numbers and all those useless things.  No, we are talking about a watch with seemingly random lines and what looks like an impossible to read face.  Sounds perfect, right?  Well, as weird as it sounds the Tokyo Flash Kisai Optical Illusion watch may just be the right gift for the gadget lover that has everything.

Please watch our video review of the Tokyo Flash Kisai Optical Illusion watch -

Do You Have The Focus To Decode The Optical Illusion Watch?

It may have been hard to see the optical illusion in the video, so let’s try it here.  Stare into this image –

Optical Illusion

See anything?  Any numbers jumping out at you?

If you saw 7:16 then you can wow your friends by reading the Optical Illusion watch without having to press the reveal button.

Optical Illusion

If You Want A Watch That Is A Conversation Starter, Check Out Tokyo Flash

Most of us think of watches as devices that tell us what time it is.  Clearly the designers at Tokyo Flash have a very different idea about watches.  All the watches at TokyoFlash are conversation starters first and timepieces second.  They have a wide selection of bizarre watches that will challenge the whole concept of numbers and ways to tell time.

With the holidays right around the corner, many of us are looking for that special gift that you can’t find at the mall.  If you have a watch lover in your life, who is willing to try something different, have a look at Tokyo Flash Japan.  I figure by next year they”ll have the watch I really want – one that hypnotizes my kids into cleaning up their room.

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