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Today, December 3rd, 2013, is #GivingTuesday.  #GivingTuesday is a National Day of giving that counters Black Friday and Cyber Monday and shows that we can give as good as we get.   Started in 2012 by the United Nations Foundation and the 92nd Street Y, #GivingTuesday is a call to action, for all of us to give to charities, non-profits and positive causes.

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Charities Give Every Day Of The Year, We Are So Glad to Give A Little Back Today

Charities and non-profits are filled with incredible people who are giving so much, every single day, to make the world a better place.  We were so excited to work with Lenovo this year to find a local charity and give something back to them for a change.   While local charities have no shortage of incredibly dedicated and motivated workers and volunteers, many local charities just don’t have the budget to go out and buy all the latest tablets, technologies and gadgets.  For all these reasons, we were thrilled to donate a Lenovo Yoga Tablet to the Cancer Connection in Northampton, MA.

Cancer Connection

Left, Anna-Beth Winograd and Right, Betsy Neisner of Cancer Connection

The Cancer Connection, Now Offering Yoga and The Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Founded in 1999, Cancer Connection is a non-profit community cancer support center which provides a haven where people with cancer and their loved ones can learn how to navigate the complicated cancer journey through education, peer support, integrative therapies and creative programs to strengthen body and spirit.  At its heart the Cancer Connection is an incredibly supportive living room that helps families affected by cancer cope and thrive.

While the above certainly is incredible, we have saved the best for last… All programs and services are offered free of charge.  No insurance claims, no struggling with paper work, just incredible support and services for free.  People can come in and take advantage of their Yoga classes and now thanks to Lenovo and #GivingTuesday also use a Lenovo Yoga Tablet.

Using A Tablet As A Window Into The Services Cancer Connection Offers

It is one thing to tell individuals about the Cancer Connection services like yoga, meditation, reiki, massage and reflexology,  but the Yoga Tablet will now allow the Cancer Connection to show its services through the use of photos, videos and narrated slide shows.  In addition, the Yoga Tablet can be used as a research and learning device.  Betsy Neisner, Executive Director of Cancer Connection states, “It would be so wonderful to sit down with someone newly diagnosed and Google the cancer information and possible side effects if they have questions their doctors haven’t answered. We could use it to list community resources for our volunteer befrienders or to watch training videos. When we visit either participants in the hospitals or in their homes, or doctors, or even potential donors, we can show them our website and give them a virtual tour of our center, narrated in person. The possibilities are endless!”

Cancer Connection

Visit the Thrift Shop, As A Bonus Get A Virtual Tour of Cancer Connection

Cancer Connection will shortly be opening a Thrift Shop at another location and Betsy Neisner is excited about the possibility of using the Lenovo Yoga Tablet to give people at the Thrift Shop a first look at Cancer Connection.  “A lot of people are uncomfortable walking into Cancer Connection because they don’t want to join a club that has cancer in its name” explains Neisner.  By having the tablet at the Thrift Shop for special events, they can provide shoppers at the Thrift Shop a virtual experience with Cancer Connection and show how supportive and wonderful the organization really is and encourage people to stop by the center for any support they may need.

Make Donations As Easy As Possible

Cancer Connection provides incredible services to the community at absolutely no charge.  This means they do have to rely on donations to cover their costs.  Obviously, anything that can make the donation process easier, is very beneficial to the Cancer Connection.

On Monday December 9th, 2013 Cancer Connection is having an Open House.   In addition to talking about the services they offer, they will also be discussing their participation in Valley Gives Day on 12/12/13.  Valley Gives is a 24 hour event that offers various prizes and incentives for donations to local charities such as Cancer Connection.  People need to donate directly via the Valley Gives website and the Yoga Tablet will now make it very easy for people at the Open House to donate.   Anna-Beth Winograd, Community Relations for Cancer Connection explains that at the Open House, “one of us will have the tablet open to the Valley Gives website so that if people are inspired to make a gift, we have the tablet right here and its already opened to the website, they can go ahead and make their contribution for Valley Gives day.”

Lenovo Started The Giving, But Let’s Keep It Going!

Unfortunately, we will all be touched by cancer in some way in our lifetime.  Of course medical care and treatment is important, but so is having a living room that anyone can go to and get support, information and services.  Cancer Connection provides an invaluable resource to anyone dealing with the complexities of cancer and they do it for free.

Lenovo got the ball rolling on #GivingTuesday by donating a Yoga Tablet, but let’s keep the giving going.  The Cancer Connection does not receive financial support from the American Cancer Society, so it relies on individual donations.  Visit the Cancer Connection website and make a donation of any amount.  It just takes a few minutes to give, but that great feeling you get from helping a wonderful organization will last for days! #GivingTuesday marks the beginning of the giving season, let’s show that we really can all give as good as we get.

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