Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, A Full Powered Tablet For Kids

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

Tablets are taking over the world, resistance is futile.  Tablets provide an easy way for us Dads and Moms to read, research, play and create…that is, if we could actually pry our tablet out of the kid’s hands.  The love affair kids have with tablets provides all types of challenges for us parents.  How do we make sure they are only viewing kids safe material?  How do we limit screen time? How do we respond when the kids break our $600 tablet and then say,  “Don’t be mad Daddy, you say that everyone has accidents“?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Looks To Make A Parent’s Life Easier

Samsung believes they may have just the thing for us stressed out and confused parents – the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Android tablet.  The tablet has a specialized kid friendly interface and a bumper to provide protection from the destructive nature of kids.   The cool thing is, the tablet can also be used by us parents as a full featured Android tablet.  So, does the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids really provide a viable tablet solution that both kids and their parents will like?

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Parents, The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Will Be Your Fall Guy

Too often, being a parent means saying no to your kids.  No, you can’t keep playing with the tablet.  No, you can’t watch another show.  No, you can’t use your brother as battering ram.  Let’s be honest, it gets tiring fighting those battles.  One of the very cool things about the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids is that it will say “No” so you don’t have to (except for the battering ram thing, you’re on your own for that one).

As we show in the video, you can set all types of parental controls.  You can limit the number of minutes per day that the kids can use the tablet.  You set a window of when the tablet can be used.  You can lock down exactly which apps are available.  In testing this worked very well, and the kids seem to get that if the tablet says time is up for the day, that their cute faces and “just one more minute” lines will not have any effect on the tablet.  The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids becomes your fall guy, saying “no” and “stop” and dealing with the consequences (perhaps that is why it is protected by a bumper case).

This Tablet Is Not Just For Kids

With the bumper on and the Kids interface, the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids does not look like something that any self respecting adult would use.  However, take off the case, switch to the standard interface and you have a fully functioning 7″ Android 2.1.2 tablet.  This really makes it easier to justify the $210 street price on the tablet, because it can be used by you and the kids.

The fact that you can lock out all types of apps and functions when you hand it back to your kids is fantastic.  This means you can have access to email, calendar, settings, docs – but when you give it to the kids in kid mode, all these features are safely hidden away.  This eliminates the horror of getting your tablet back from your kids and seeing they have emailed all your work colleagues and asked for a play date.

Conclusion: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids, A Tablet That Stands Up To The Kids

Overall, we were very impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids.  The tablet has all the features you would expect in an entry level Android tablet, plus a well done kid interface.  The bumper case provides protection, a stylus and a stand.  We love the parental controls that allow the tablet to be the fall guy when the kids have to stop playing after a set amount of time.  As a bonus, you get $40 of kids games preinstalled and ready to play right out of the box, making this tablet a Christmas gift that kids could play with within moments of unwrapping it.

On the adult side, the tablet is definitely usable.  No, it is not the latest version of Android, the best screen or the highest resolution camera – but it is more than adequate for web surfing, checking emails and watching movies.  In addition, while this probably shows a development flaw in my brain, I loved playing that funny Hair Salon game more than the kids!

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