HEXBUGs Are On the Climb! HEXBUG Nano V2s Invade The Library

Hexbug Party

By Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire

We already know how terrific HEXBUGs are. How much fun it is to build the tracks into different configurations, have them amble up ramps and ride down ziplines. But the first version of Nano bugs pales beside HexBugs Nano V2.

We knew they were coming, but when HEXBUG sent us a batch of the brand new Nano V2s and a bunch of the sets that the Nanos could climb, we were thrilled. At the Tewksbury Public Library, I threw a party for kids ages 6 to 10 to come and try out the new versions.

HexBug PartyHexBug Party

Don’t Like Reading – Watching The Video

I encourage you to read all about our HexBug Party, but if you want a quick look at the fun, check out the video we made –

Let’s Get This HEXBUG Party Started

Our sets included the Hurricane, Sky Max, Barrel Roll and Black Hole, plus 30 Nano V2s. The V2s have legs on both the bottom and front of the nano so that it can climb the tubes. The kids divided up into pairs or singles and set to work on their first task: to try and replicate the photo of the set that was originally on the box.

Hexbug Nano V2

I was a little tricky in that I didn’t give them any instructions or show them how things could snap together. I wanted to test the engineering, science and logic skills the kids already had as well as see how intuitive it was for the them to put the sets together. While most of the party-goers present had played with the original HEXBUGs, none had handled anything like these sets.

A few of the younger children (the 6 year olds) did have a bit of trouble early on trying to figure out how the pieces fit together, but with a little bit of adult nudging, all of the kids quickly caught on. As soon as they completed their sets, the kids dove for the Nano V2s and were soon enraptured by playing with them. I have rarely seen such intense focus and engagement as the HEXBUG sets brought out in these kids.

Hexbug Nano Party

Once everyone had time to finish their sets and play a bit, we decided to see if we could take all five of our sets (we had two Hurricanes) and merge them into one giant one. The crew was enthusiastic and eagerly worked together, figuring out how to connect all of the sets. They even climbed up onto the tables to work better and more closely with one another. I was very impressed when they finished that there were no “holes” that they missed; no spots where the Nano V2s could escape. The new giant set was dubbed “The HEXBUG Complex.”


The party-goers then were allowed to play with the Nano V2s for quite a long time before we finally demolished our complex. That was almost as much fun as building it was!

Hexbug Party

Both the kids who got to build and the parents were loud in their praise of the new HEXBUG sets. Parents were quietly discussing adding these to holiday wishlists and the kids were much more loudly excited about what happened at the party. Part of the fabulousness of HEXBUGs are that they not only are fun and involving, but they are building math, logic, engineering and science skills, which feeds right into the STEM work schools are currently focused on.  I’m looking forward to throwing another building party soon and I can’t wait to see what HEXBUG comes out with next.

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