Top Toys of 2013, Your Guide To The Best New Toys for The 2013 Holiday Season

Top Toys for 2013

Top Toys for 2013

Man, November came up on us quick.  We basically spend the whole year doing real world product reviews and toy reviews, yet we still have more to do.  Still, it looks like our petition to move Christmas to January 25th is not getting many signatures, so I guess we better get this Guide to The Top Toys of 2013 out quick.  You’re busy, we need to go play with more toys, so let’s keep the words to a minimum and get this show on the road…

Yes, We Have Played With Every Toy In This Guide

As if our wives needed any more proof that we are just kids in a Dad’s body, this guide is it.  Yep, as immature as it may make us sound, we have personally played with every single toy in this guide.  We don’t do reviews and recommendations based on press releases and product demos, we do real world product reviews.  So, can you please let our wives know that when we are in the basement playing with toys for endless hours, we are just doing it for you!

Categories, We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Categories

At first we thought about doing the standard categories – boy toys, science toys, outdoor toys, etc.  Then we said, “Hey, who are we to decide what is a boy toy?”  You know your kids, you can decide what toys they will find fun.  We will list a whole bunch of super fun great toys, you decide which ones are right for your kids.  Fair enough?  So, no categories, no ordered lists, just a great collection of awesome toys.

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Okay, let’s get started…

Zoomer Interactive Puppy

Zoomer Interactive Pet

Zoomer is the perfect pet.  He acts like a real dog – sometimes listening to your commands, sometimes doing his own thing.  However, Zoomer never makes a mess in the house and he won’t wake you up at 2am wanting to go for a walk.  Let the robot revolution begin!

Zoomer, $99, Ages 5+ – Click For Our Full Review of Zoomer

Flying Iron Man R/C Extreme Hero

Flying Iron Man RC Extreme Hero by EB Brands

What is cooler than a remote control helicopter?  How about a remote control flying Iron Man!  If your kids love super heroes, they will flip for the Flying Iron Man R/C Extreme Hero from EB Brands.  A 19″ Iron Man that flies up to 20 stories high – that is a Super Toy.

R/C Extreme Hero Flying Iron Man, $79, Ages 8+ – Click For Our Full Review of Flying Iron Man RC Extreme Hero

Sonic Speeders Stunt and Race Set

Sonic Speeders Race Set

Air powered race cars are back.  Sonic Speeders use air instead of batteries to zip along at an incredible 25 feet per second.  Pick up the Race Set for high speed racing fun or the Stunt Set if you like high flying acrobatics.

Sonic Speeders From The Maya Group,  Start at $24.99, Ages 6+ – Click For Our Full Review of Sonic Speeders

HeliQuad 2.4

HeliQuad 2.4

If you have spent anytime at DadDoes, you know we have an addiction to R/C quadcopters.  Lucky for us, 2013 was another great year for Quadcopters.  The HeliQuad 2.4 from Interactive Toy Concepts is a very easy to fly and incredibly stable quadcopter.  Just remember, if you claim to be buying it for the kids, you will need to give them a turn playing with it.

HeliQuad 2.4 From Interactive Toy Concepts, $59, Ages 12+ – Click For Our Full Review of HeliQuad 2.4


RoboMe From WowWee

Really, what kid wouldn’t love a robot for the holidays?  RoboMe is a robotic buddy from WowWee that has plenty of personality.  Without an iPhone attached RoboMe can play games, crack jokes and be controlled with the remote control.  However, add your iPhone to RoboMe and he really comes alive.  Program RoboMe to react to different triggers and do full Telepresence.  Parents, be careful, RoboMe might be watching you.

RoboMe From WowWee, $99,  Ages 8+ – Click For Our Full Review of RoboMe

Helix X4 Quadcopter

Helix X4 Stunt

Didn’t buy your son or daughter a quadcopter last year because you were worried they might get cut by the four spinning propellors? Well, Air Hogs just erased that excuse.  The Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt Quadcopter has ducted fans and is fun and easy to fly.  Want to flip out?  Just press a button and watch the Helix X4 do some crazy, flipping stunts.

Helix X4 R/C Quadcopter From Air Hogs,  Street Price $59.95, Ages 8+ – Click For Our Full Review of the Helix X4 Quadcopter

Beywarriors Shogun Steel

Beywarrior Shogun Steel

Yes, believe it or not, the Beyblades line of toys is still going strong.  What is better than battling tops?  How about battling tops that have arms, a torso and a Shogun head!  The Beywarriors Shogun Steel Battlers add a new dimension to the Beyblades line of toys.  3, 2, 1 Let It Rip…

Beywarriors Shogun Steel Octagon Showndown Set, $39, Ages 8+ – Click For Our Full Review of Beywarriors Shogun Steel

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

Does your daughter love trying on makeup, but you do don’t love the clean-up, mess and expense?  You need to check out the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror. Slip an iPad into this and suddenly you have the ability to virtually apply over 10,000 combinations of makeup.  Due to advanced face tracking, as you move your face, the makeup moves with you.  Who knew Barbie could be so high tech?

Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror from Mattel, $69, Ages 8+ – Click For Our Full Review of the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

Demolition Lab

Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse

What do kids love more than building?  Destroying of course!  Demolition Lab from SmartLab Toys allows kids to build and demolish.  Create structure, then figure out the best way to do some demolition using the triple blasters included in the toy.  It’s not only fun, it’s also educational… controlled demolition is not as easy as it looks.

Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse From SmartLab Toys,  $39.99, Ages 8+ – Click For Our Full Review of Demolition Lab

Light Stars Animated Hologram Projector

Light Stars

Flashlights, shadow puppets…things of the past.  Today kids can use the Light Stars Animated Hologram Projectors from Interactive Toy Concepts and project their favorite super heroes on the wall.  Not only will you see a Spiderman or Iron Man on your wall, they are animated and do cool movements.  Thankfully for us parents, these toys don’t make sounds or play annoying music!

Light Stars Animated Hologram Projector from Interactive Toy Concepts, $24.99, Ages 5+ – Click For Our Full Review of Light Stars

Kaotiks RC Stunt Cars

Kaotiks Thunderwave

Who ever said chaos is bad?  The Kaotiks R/C Stunt Cars operate at a chaotic speed and it is great!  The Kaotiks cars go over 600 MPH scale speed and they do crazy jumps when put into the stunt sets.  The holidays are going to be chaos anyway, so make the most of it with Kaotiks!

Kaotiks RC Stunt Sets From Redwood Ventures, Start at $39,  Ages 8+ – Click For Our Full Review of Kaotiks

Flutterbye Fairy

Flutterbye Flying Fairies

What happens when you remove the remote control from a flying toy?  Your hand becomes the magical remote.  Flutterbye Fairy from Spin Master allows a fairy to fly above your hand, as if by magic.  Move your hand and the Flutterbye Fairy moves with you.  If you have fairy fans in your life, they will love Flutterbye Fairy.

Flutterbye Fairy From Spin Master, Street Price $34.99, Ages 6+ – Click For Our Full Review of the Flutterbye Fairy

There is Even More Fun In Part 2….

This guide was starting to get long, so we created a Part Two, because every great Toy Guide deserves a sequel!  Read Part 2 of Our Top Toys of 2013 Gift Guide.

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