Review: Beywarriors Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown Battle Set. Beyblades Grow Bodies!

Beywarrior Shogun Steel

Beywarrior Shogun Steel

Beyblades, the toy that wouldn’t die.  Sure, that might not be the exact ad copy that Hasbro would go with for their Beyblade spinning and battling tops, but it is incredibly accurate.  When beyblades were first released in 2000, it seemed like a fun spinning top toy that would last for maybe 18 months.  Yet, here we are in 2013 and we are reviewing another version of Beyblades – the BeyWarriors Shogun Steel battlers from Hasbro.

Please watch our video review of the BeyWarriors Shogun Steel Octagon Showndown Set -

Beyblades Grow Up…And Get Arms and Heads!

As the video shows, the Beywarriors seem like the natural evolution of Beyblades.  Sure, spinning and battling tops are cool, but things get even better when you have warriors battling!  Pull the rip cord, drop them in the Octagon and watch the arms spin and the battle begin.  Now, to some Moms and Dads this might sound exactly the same as the fifty or so beyblades you currently have lying around the house, but there are differences.  Here is more information on the Beywarriors Shogun Steel battlers…

“The BEYWARRIOR SHOGUN STEEL BEYBATTLE tops are the newest way to experience BEYBLADE action featuring Synchrome Technology. Each BEYBATTLE top features a new five piece system that is inspired by the different elements from the BEYWARRIOR: SHOGUN STEEL series, like wind, fire, earth, light, and darkness. The system introduces Synchrome Technology, inspired by programming, which allows for double metal customization when two Warrior Wheels from different tops (additional tops sold separately) are combined in one top configuration for extra powerful battles. Each BEYBATTLE TOP includes one-five piece BEYBATTLE TOP, one ripcord launcher, one assembly tool, and one collector card that can be used to unlock features to battle other Beybladers online at”

Of Course There Is An Online Game and App

You didn’t actually think a toy, based on a TV series, could exist without an online component, did you?  Yep, the Beywarriors come with cards that have a code to unlock bonuses so you can battle online.  We tend to prefer doing our battles in the real world, but if your kids are into the BeyBladeBattles.Com site, they will appreciate being able to have their Beywarriors battle online.

What You Get With the Octagon Showdown

While you can buy Beywarriors individually, the sets are a great gift as they give you some Beywarriors and an arena to battle in.  In the video we review the Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown set, so we just wanted you to know exactly what is in it.

Here is the Info on the Beywarriors Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown Set…

“This is the ultimate SHOGUN STEEL BEYWARRIOR showdown! Everything needed for a BEYWARRIOR battle is in one place with the OCTAGON SHOWDOWN set. This intricately designed arena allows BEYWARRIOR battlers to spin, crash, and ricochet against one of the eight walls for optimal BEYWARRIOR battling! The OCTAGON SHOWDOWN set includes an exclusive stadium, two customizable BEYWARRIOR battlers, two ripcords for launching, and two collector cards that can be used to unlock features to battle other Beybladers online at  Ages 8+, $39.99″

They Look The Same To Us, But Not To The Kids

It is easy for us parents to dismiss Beywarriors Shogun Steel Battlers as just another beyblade, but the kids see the difference.  These are spinning tops with Shogun warriors on top of them.  They can be modified, customized and tricked out for different battles.  In other words, these are the “new” beyblades that the kids will be asking for this Christmas.  The good news for us parents? The Beywarriors are actually pretty cool to play with!

More Information:

Beywarriors Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown Battle Set from Hasbro.  Ages 8+, Retail: $39.99

Purchase the Beywarriors Shogun Steel Octagon Showdown Battle Set for $30 at Amazon.Com

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