Review: Kaotiks RC Playsets, Fast Stunt Cars Plus Big Air Jumps Equals Huge Fun

Kaotiks Thunderwave

Kaotiks RC Stunt Cars

Sometimes toy companies over complicate things.  In the quest to make something new they come up with new technology, new apps and new gameplay.  The problem is, new does not always equal fun.  On the other hand, a toy that incorporates remote control cars that go fast and do crazy stunts, that is a recipe for fun that never gets old!

Kaotiks Remote Control Stunt Cars are new from Redwood Ventures, but they features classic gameplay that kids will love.  Kids put together playsets like the Kaotiks RC Thunderwave or Kaotiks RC Psychoplex and then go crazy making the remote control cars race, jump and crash!  Please watch the two hands on video reviews we did on the Kaotiks RC play sets…

Watch Us Test out the Kaotiks Thunderwave Play Set -

Watch Our Video Review Of The Kaotiks Psychoplex Playset -

Kaotiks Are Chaotic, Crazy Fun

The video really shows more than we could ever say – use a remote control to make the cars race, jump, do stunts and of course crash…what is not to love?  Just to help you understand the two different playsets we reviewed, here is a description of each one –

Kaotiks RC Thunderwave:

Kaotiks Thunderwave

This is where the action all begins! With The Thunderwave, you’ve got two customizable oververt quarterpipes, and an awesome stunt feature that allows you to power up walls! Sneak up from behind the set with the secret trap door entry, and let the KAOS commence! Don’t forget, you can connect Thunderwave to all other sets for even more KAOS!  Comes with one Kaotiks car and one remote control.

Kaotiks RC Psychoplex:

Kaotiks Thunderwave

The Psychoplex includes a gnarly two-sided oververt pocket for massive backflips – or for reaching for that insane 90 scale foot high jump! Can you handle the tabletop action over the spine? Ease on over in a smooth frontflip, or blast it at full throttle! The spine is a two-sided ramp that tests your nose and tailwhips. Get KRAZY with the Psychoplex! Psychoplex connects to all other sets for even more KAOS! Comes with one Kaotiks car and one remote control.

Finally, A Reasonable Recharge Time!

One of the issues we have with many RC toys is the recharge time.  Often you get 7 minutes of play time and then need to wait 40 minutes to recharge.  This really kills the flow of fun!  Thankfully, the Kaotiks will run for about 8 minutes and then only takes about 5 minutes to recharge.  Pretty impressive recharge time, especially when you consider these are some powerful stunt cars…they go 600 MPH scale speed!

Get A Few Kaotiks Cars To Ramp Up The Fun

The individual Kaotiks playsets are fun, but they each only come with one car.  The real chaos and fun starts when you combine sets and have multiple cars and multiple playsets.  As we show in the video, you can jump the cars from one set to the other and all the sets can be combined to make one huge play area.  The sets are made from plastic, but the construction seemed solid and we had no problem assembling the tracks.

Conclusion:  Kaotiks Bring Chaotic, High Speed Fun For the Holiday Season

If you have kids who like playing with cars and tracks, they will love the Kaotiks RC Stunt cars. The cars are fast, easy to control and the jumps and stunts in the sets are terrific.  The one negative is that the cars can not be steered left or right, you just go forward or backwards.  I know this sounds like a big deal, but because they are used inside the playset, it really is not a problem.  This is not about precision racing, it is simply about gunning your car and watching it jump, spin and crash.

The holidays are always a chaotic time anyway, why not make it fun as well with the Kaotiks RC cars!

More Information:

Kaotiks RC Thunderwave, Ages 5+, Retail $39.99

Kaotiks RC Psychoplex, Ages 5+, Retail $59.99

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