Spotlight On Good – Monte’s March IV, Let The Good Times Roll

Spotlight On Good

Spotlight On Good

Welcome to Monday…not normally a day associated with Good, but let’s quickly change that.  Time to point our big old spotlight on some of the incredible Good that is happening all around us…yes, even on a Monday.  Have you ever had a crazy idea on how to help people?  Sure, we all have, the difference is Monte Belmonte made his idea a reality and now hunger has a new enemy…

Monte’s March IV, Hunger Be Very Afraid

Monte Belmonte is a DJ for a local radio station.  Back in 2010 he wanted to do more to help provide food for people in the community in need.  Somehow he hatched the idea to push an empty shopping cart for 26 miles in effort to raise money for the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts – Monte’s March was born.  After three years of marching Monte has already raised over $100,000 for the Food Bank and on November 6th, 2013 – Monte’s March IV will look to significantly add on to that total.

How Does Good Get Its Start?

How did Monte take a simple concept and turn it into an event that provides such Good, on so many levels?  Can small acts of Good, really make a significant difference?  Please hop over to our full story on Monte’s March in the Spotlight On Good section of LimitlessGood.Com.  You will learn how every idea, no matter how small, can have a huge impact…if you just take action.

Please read the full story – Spotlight on Good, Monte’s March and How Good Things Begin

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