Review: B-DAMAN Crossfire Break Bomber Battlefield, Marble Games Are Back!

B-DAMAN Break Bomber Battlefield

B-DAMAN Break Bomber Battlefield

As a kid I was always into marbles.  Sure collecting was fun, but the marble mazes, marble blasters and marble games were some of my favorites.  For a while it seemed like my kids may know as much about marbles as they do about corded telephones, but thanks to B-DAMAN, marbles are cool again!

If you have 6-9 year old kids, you may well know the B-DAMAN TV series and pretty soon you will also know the B-DAMAN toys.  Today we review the B-DAMAN Crossfire Break Bomber Battlefield from Hasbro, a fast paced marble shooter game.

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B-DAMAN, A New Twist on Classic Marble Battling

The B-DAMAN figures are definitely toys of this generation.   You have a tie in with the B-DAMAN Crossfire TV series, QR codes on the figures and an app so you can continue the battle online.  Yet, even with all these new twists, it is still a classic marble shooter battling game at its core…and that is a great thing! Here is more information…

“Players must master power, speed and precision to keep up with the frenetic marble shooting play in the B-DAMAN BREAK BOMBER BATTLEFIELD arena, inspired by the B-DAMAN Season 1 TV series. Players start on opposite sides as they shoot at the rows of blocks in the center of the arena. Blasting away yellow blocks reveal red blocks. The player that blasts three out of five red blocks into the opponents’ territory wins. Set includes one deluxe target play set with 25 blocks, completely enclosed arena walls, two B-DAMAN figures, two B-DAMAN Wide Magazine Accessory pieces and 20 marbles.”

Of Course You Can Get Additional B-DAMAN Figures!

The B-DAMAN Break Bomber Battlefield comes with two B-DAMAN figures, but you can of course buy additional figures with different advantages.  We showed the B-DAMAN Crossfire Lightning Dravise Figure With Tornado Magazine in the video, as this is one example of an additional figure you can buy.  All the figures have ratings for different attributes (power, rapid-fire, etc), but we found these ratings didn’t mean much – the kids just kept blasting away at the wall, not really tailoring their battle style to a specific B-DAMAN.

B-DAMAN Break Bomber Battlefield, Good, Fast Paced, Battery Free Fun

The kids had a great time blasting the wall with marbles, trying to get those red blocks on their opponent’s side.  You can play on floor or carpet, but the game is much faster and funner on hard wood floors.  Yes, you can use the app to play B-Daman games online, which are fine, but we really liked the physical, battery free fun of trying to knock the blocks through the wall.

One quick warning to Moms and Dads, watch where you step…those marbles can be slippery!

More Information:

B-DAMAN Break Bomber Battlefield from Hasbro.  Ages 6+, Retail $29.99

Ready…Aim…Crossfire! The Break Bomber Battlefield set includes everything you need to dominate the battlefield! Your mission: to blast 3 red blocks into enemy territory. Your unstoppable Thunder Dracyan figure’s sturdy power shot will boom like thunder and blast your target! Strike with untamed speed with your rapid-firing Lightning Dravise figure. Each of your Wide Magazine accessories takes 10 marbles at a time, so you can do less loading and more blasting. Who will triumph in the end? Load up your marbles and start taking down your targets!

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