Demolition Lab: Triple Blast Warehouse, Because Destroying Is Better Than Building

Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse

Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse

Most parents would agree that kids love to build.  I actually have a slightly different opinion.  Kids love to build…because that means they will have something to then destroy!  Don’t get me wrong, building stuff is great, but judging by the smiles on kids’ faces when they get to knock it all down, I would say the destruction is the real thrill.

Finally we have a toy that rewards both building and demolition – the Demolition Lab: Triple Blast Warehouse by SmartLab Toys.  Yeah, it pretty much is as cool as it sounds.  Don’t worry Moms and Dads, no explosives used in this toy, but there is still plenty of crashing and smashing!

Please watch our video review of the Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse -

The Demolition Lab Is Good, Clean, App Free Fun

It would be easy to make a Demolition simulator app, I imagine a few must exist.  I also imagine they must be incredibly lame.  Some things you just need to touch, feel and see and demolition is definitely one of those things.  No apps, no downloads, simply build structures, place the blasters and then detonate and watch the results.  Here is the full run down on what you get –

“Ka-boom! The mind-blowing Demolition Lab lets kids build unlimited warehouse structures and then demolish them with strategically placed blasters.  Includes:

  • Triple-blast detonator with sounds and 3 blasters
  • 36 wall panels
  • 17 floors/roof tops
  • 2 smokestacks
  • 2 trusses
  • 2 pipe bridges
  • 1 storage tank
  • Footing clips
  • Booklet”

Surprise Bonus, The Demolition Lab Is an Educational Toy Too!

The kids are going to have so much fun building and blowing up the structures they create that they may not even realize they are learning the science of energy, momentum and gravity.  As we state in the video, the manual is fantastic.  It is not easy making the science of gravity fun and exciting, but they do it in the Demolition Lab manual.  The manual also has challenges, like trying to bring down one tower, without destroying the rest of the building.  This adds the other educational aspect to the toy, kids build skills like problem-solving, strategy, testing, and experimentation.

Conclusion: Demolition Lab, Triple Blast Warehouse Is a Toy Everyone Will Enjoy

Moms, Dads, Grandparents, boys, girls, cats, dogs, Big Foot…they will all love the Demolition Lab. With the Demolition Lab you get to build, destroy and even learn some science, what’s not to love about that? The Triple Blast Warehouse sells for about $33 and there are also a few other Demolition Lab kits you can get as well.

Looking for some family bonding time this holiday season?  You know what they say, a family that demolishes together, stays together!

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More Information:

Visit SmartLab Toys, their Facebook Page and Twitter feed to learn more.  Demolition Lab: Triple Blast Warehouse, $39.99 Retail, Ages 8+

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