Limitless Good Arrives, Republicans and Democrats Become BFFs

Limitless Good Helps Food Bank

Limitless Good

We couldn’t be more excited.  Our fingers are nearly bursting with Goodness.  Sure does make it hard to type. I think I just saw a Democrat and Republican hug.   We have just launched our  brand new site –

Limitless Good

What In The World is Limitless Good?

Limitless Good is about Feeling Good, Doing Good and Laughing Loud.  If you listen to the news, you might believe there is no Good left in the world – everything is doom and gloom.  As Moms and Dads, we know better.  We see the Good in our children.  We see the Good in little things all around us that make us smile and laugh.  The desire to Do Good, the effort to Feel Good,  the belief that together we can do incredible things and better the world needs to be shared and encouraged – and that is what Limitless Good is all about.

Ever Wish Social Media Could Be Used For More Social Good?

We sure have.  Here at Dad Does we had a section called Dad Does Good – but we knew it was not enough.  This goes beyond Dads and Moms. The idea of using social media to share the good, encourage the good and make an epidemic of Good moves beyond the world of parenting.  Limitless Good is a place where anyone can come and share stories about Doing Good, find resources on how to make a difference, learn about how to feel good  and yes, have a good laugh.

What Does Baobab Fruit Have to Do With Doing Good?

If you stop over at the Limitless Good site you will see a number of articles about the Baobab Fruit and also notice we sell a Baobab Fruit Powder product called Limitless Baobab.  So, how does selling Baobab really accomplish any good?  We are so glad you asked…

Limitless Good Helps Food Bank

For every bottle of Limitless Baobab sold we are providing 8 meals to families in need via Feeding America.  Every month, we will randomly pick one customer and send them $200 cash to Do Good in their neighborhood, as they see fit.   The Organic Baobab Fruit is also sustainably harvested in Malawi and fairly traded, so it provides income to the local community.  All growers and harvesters are paid a fair wage and a share of the sales income from Baobab goes directly to funding local community projects.

Of course there is the Feeling Good aspect to the Baobab Fruit.  By eating the nutrient packed Organic Baobab Fruit, you will be feeling oh so good and when you feel good you tend to do good.  We should also mention the Limitless Baobab is just the start to how we will Do Good.  We have a number of great contests and events planned to raise money for charity…don’t worry they will be fun.  For example, right now post a photo of your Pet in Costumer and Limitless Good will donate $200 to the ASPCA.  All the details are here.

There is No Journey of Good Without You

As we explain on our About Us and Mission Statement, Limitless Good is nothing if you don’t join us.  This is about working together, having fun and doing good.  There is no doubt that together we can make a real difference, do some good and still have plenty of fun.  We ask that you please connect with Limitless Good so we can keep you updated on all the Good things we are up to –

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Did We Mention Things Will Be Fun?

There is this perception that Doing Social Good is serious and heavy stuff.  That is only partially true.  Obviously, working with an organization that is trying to cure cancer has a very serious side to it, lives depend on their efforts.  On the other hand, coming up with fun and wacky ways to raise money and support that organization can be absolutely fun.

In addition, if you ever get down, just visit the Laugh Loud section of the site.  We all need a good Laugh now and then and this part of Limitless Good provides funny stories, photos and videos.

Much More To Come

Of course, Dad Does continues on with honest product reviews and all things parenting.  We hope you will also join us over on Limitless Good as we are just getting started and you can say you were there at the beginning!

Now, Let’s Do, Let’s Feel Good and Let’s Laugh Loud.

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