Dad Does Coconut Water Blind Taste Test Results

Coconut Water Blind Taste Test

Coconut Water Blind Taste Test

Dads, Moms and kids of all ages – we are going Coco for Coconut Water. This post is the latest in our series of Coconut Water Reviews . Not sure why we are obsessed with Coconut Water? Read how Coconut Water cast an evil spell on us. Be sure to read the other coconut water reviews, if you want to be coco for coconut water!

The suspense finally comes to an end today!  We have been drinking coconut water, sniffing it, smearing it all over our bodies, all in effort to find the best tasting coconut water.  Well, now we present the results of our Dad Does Coconut Water Blind Taste Test….

The Dad Does Coconut Water Blind Taste Test

For the last few weeks we have had tasters try various brands of coconut water and give their opinions (read the coconut water reviews here).  This was informative, but we wanted to see what 10 people thought of coconut water, when they had no idea what brand they were drinking.  Here is how we set it up…

We tested three brands – Amy & Brian Coconut  Juice, Nature Factor Organic Coconut Water and O.N.E (ONE) Coconut Water.  All three products had the exact same ingredient list – just pure coconut water, nothing else.  We poured the coconut water in cups labeled A, B and C and asked our tasters to rate the coconut waters.  1 being the best tasting and 3 being the worst tasting.  We had 10 tasters for the blind taste test.

Once all the tasting was done, we un-blinded the test and here are the results…

Taster Amy & Brian Coconut Juice Nature Factor Coconut Water O.N.E. Coconut Water
#1 2 1 3
#2 1 2 3
#3 2 1 3
#4 2 1 3
#5 2 1 3
#6 1 2 3
#7 1 2 3
#8 1 2 3
#9 1 2 3
#10 1 3 2

So Who Was The Big Winner?

Amy & Brian Coconut Juice received six best tasting votes (1’s),and was the clear winner in the Dad Does Blind Taste Test.  Nature Factor Coconut Water (the only certified Organic Coconut Water) received four best taste votes and was a close second.  ONE Coconut Water, with nine worst taste votes, was clearly the least favorite of our tasters.

Does this Mean Amy & Brian Coconut Juice is the Best?

Among our 10 tasters, Amy & Brian was a hit – but results really vary based on taste.  ONE Coconut Water is one of the most popular brands and many people love the taste.   It is safe to say that ONE Coconut Water does better among people who are experienced coconut water drinkers.  The Amy & Brian Coconut Juice has a very smooth and even taste, and this is very appealing to people who are not used to coconut water (which was the case with our tasters).

What is Your Favorite Coconut Water?  Leave Us a Comment and Let Us Know!

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