We Hit 9 Million Views on YouTube, Cat Still Refuses To Dance

9 Million Views on YouTube

Cedric The Cat Who Does Not Play Piano

Cedric, this is getting ridiculous.  You really can’t spend your whole life sitting in a chair and looking at me like I’m nuts.  I’m nuts??? Who is the one who refuses to play piano, dance, dress like Santa or even fall off that chair you sleep on all day…in an adorably cute way?  While a video of any of those actions would instantly get us 9 million views on YouTube, instead we needed to make close to 400 original product review videos to get our 9 million views.  You know what, you’re right, I’m the one who is nuts!

Maybe People Really Do Like Honest Product Reviews?

Honestly, we are touched and amazed that our real world product review videos on YouTube have now been viewed over 9 million times.

9 Million Views on YouTube

We have had a great time making each and everyone of the 388 videos and our so thankful that you are watching.

Not Watching?  Why? Breaking Bad Is Done

What??? You somehow have not seen our product review videos?  Did Cedric tell you not to watch?  I knew that cat could talk…

You could go spend the next few weeks watching all 388 videos, you know like a Breaking Bad marathon, but without the great acting, drama, cinematography, plot, dialog…but you will get plenty of QuadCopter reviews!

Fine, to make things a little easier, here are some Playlists to get you started…

Top Toys for 2013

Best Remote Control (RC) Toys

Lenovo Tablet, Table and PC Reviews

Best Outdoor Toys for 2013

Thanks For Watching, We Have Some Cool Things Planned

All kidding aside, we really just want to thank you all for watching.  Obviously there is no way to get to 9 million views without you taking time out of your busy day to watch our videos.  We have learned a great deal in the past few years and we have made our share of mistakes.  Moving forward we have some great ideas and fun videos which are coming soon, so if you have not yet subscribed to our YouTube channel, now is a great time to do it :)

Have a video you would like to see us do?  Just contact us and let us know.  One thing, if you want a video that involves a performing cat, sorry, you will have to look elsewhere.

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