HyperActives 5 From Air Hogs, I Knew Hyperactivity Could Be A Good Thing

HyperActives 5

HyperActives 5

As Dads and Moms, we all know about hyperactivity.  There isn’t a parent alive who hasn’t spent at least some time dealing with hyperactive kids.  Normally we are trying to calm the kids down…but that is only because they are not stunt cars! I always knew hyperactivity could be a force for good and now Air Hogs has proven it with the HyperActives 5 RC Stunt Cars.

The Air Hogs RC HyperActives 5 is what you get when you take an RC car, give it a 500 MPH scale speed and then strap a powered 5th wheel to the top of the car.  I know it sounds like some bizarre Frankenstein car, but it is actually very cool looking.  Don’t take our word for it, please watch our full video review of the Air Hogs Hyper Actives 5 Stunt Car –

I Want A 5th Wheel For My Car

Who knew that adding a powered 5th wheel to the roof of your car could allow you to drive like a maniac and never get stuck!  The HyperActives 5 is one of those toys you just can’t stop playing with.  We kept coming up with different terrains and different jumps to see how the car would do.   That 5th wheel is pretty incredible, suddenly you don’t care if you flip the car, since you just keep on driving.  I really need to get a 5th Wheel for my minivan.

Kids Will Love The No Recharging Feature of HyperActives 5

It is normally about here in an RC toy review that we give the major negative.  Usually something along the lines of 5-7 minutes of play time and then you wait 30-40 minutes to recharge.  We are ecstatic to report there is no charging and recharging with the HyperActives 5! You put 3 AAA batteries in the car and 3 AAA in the remote and off you go.  Yes, when the batteries die you will need to replace them, but now play time is measured in weeks, which is whole lot better than minutes!

Here are the specs on the HyperActives 5 -

  • 5-wheeled stunt vehicle
  • Shock compression tires
  • Durable body construction
  • 2.4GHz communication for amazing range
  • 500 MPH Scale Speed
  • Requires 6 AAA Batteries
  • Ages 8+
  • Retail: $34.99
  • Available in multiple colors

HypeActives 5 Stunt Car Is Fliptastic Fun, Just Avoid 6 Foot Walls

There is plenty for kids (and there Dads who still act like kids) to love about the Air Hogs HyperActives 5 Stunt Car.  You have high speeds, long range remote control, all terrain tires, the ability to do flips and of course the awesomeness of driving upside down.  As a Dad I absolutely love that the car has 3 AAA batteries so you are not wasting your time recharging the car…there are just too many stunts to do to waste time recharging!

Speaking of stunts, we did multiple jumps off a 6 foot wall onto concrete.  In fact, I guess we did one too many.  Looks like we knocked something loose on a jump and need to open it up to do some surgery now.  The moral of the story, the car is awesome on steps on small jumps, but you should probably avoid jumping off a 6 foot wall onto concrete.

Simply put, if you have kids who enjoy cars that can race, jump and flip, they will love the Air Hogs HyperActives 5.   The only downside, you might start to get questions like, “Why is it good for a car to be hyperactive but not for me?”  Good luck with that.

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Air Hogs RC HyperActives 5, Ages 8+, $34.99

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