Review: DiscoRobo From Tosy, A Dancing Robot For Now, But What’s Next???

Disco Robo Dancing Robot

DiscoRobo from TOSY

I have seen enough Sci-Fi movies to know how this all plays out.  Sure, the DiscoRobo from TOSY Robotics looks incredibly cute as it dances away to the beats in your song, but what’s next? Is the idea to wait until thousands of kids have the DiscoRobo in their homes, then the secret robot signal goes out?  Suddenly instead of making “8 lovely facial expressions” the Disco Robo is firing off lasers, eating our cats and taking over the world.  Oh well, at least they will take over the world while moving to the beat…

Breaking News: Disco Robo Will Dance to Non-Disco Music

While I fear I am putting my family at great risk, the DiscoRobo from TOSY looked so cute we had to bring one into the house to do some testing.  We have been seeing demos of the Disco Robo for years, but we finally got a chance to review a real production model.  The good news, Disco Robo is happy to dance to non-Disco music!

Please watch our video review of the DiscoRobo Dancing Robot from TOSY -

DiscoRobo Is a Fun Robot For Under $40

The video pretty much shows it all.  There is not a lot of playing or interaction with DiscoRobo.  Press the button on his or her belly, crank up some tunes and watch the robot dance.  By using the app, you can interact a little more with Disco Robo, but for the most part this is just a cool visual.  You have a very cute robot who dances to the beat and can even do head spins.

Here is some more info on DiscoRobo –

  • Beat sensitivity technology – unlimited dancing to any music
  • 56 sophisticated movements – High level of freedom with multiple joints
  • 8 lovely face expressions
  • Super bright glow
  • Highly-interactive applications compatible with iOS & Android.
  • Comes In 4 Different Colors
  • Runs on 8 AA Batteries

DiscoRobo Makes Kids Smile And That Is Always a Good Thing

DiscoRobo is rated for kids ages 4+, but really any age kid is going to get a kick out of watching Disco Robo strut his stuff.  While DiscoRobo does not walk, talk or fly – he dances to the beat and kids who watch him (especially the younger ones) just smile and laugh.  Just remember, DiscoRobo will not respond well to music from a phone, tablet or laptop  – you really need a speaker that has some bass.  One tip, turn off Disco Robo at night, everyone knows that robot invasions always start at night.

Disco Robo Dancing Robot

More Information:

DiscoRobo from TOSY Robotics, Ages 4+, $45 Retail, Available in 4 Colors

Buy DiscoRobo From Amazon For $37

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