Review: HeliQuad 2.4, The Remote Controlled Quadcopter You’ll Flip Over

HeliQuad 2.4

HeliQuad 2.4

There are many problems in the world.  As we write this the US Government is shut down, the ice caps are melting, it can be enough to get a Dad down.  However, there is one thing that gives me hope and that is the proliferation of radio controlled quadcopters in 2013.  Clearly the world would be a better place if every man, woman and child owned a quadcopter.   Now for under $60, you can have the latest quadcopter to enter the field, the BladeRunner Series HeliQuad 2.4 from Interactive Toy Concepts.

Does the HeliQuad 2.4 have the features to stand out from the crowd?  Please watch our video review to find out –

The HeliQuad 2.4 Makes RC Flying Fun

Often the idea of flying an RC toy is better than the reality.  RC Helicopters and Quadcopters look so fun, until you try to fly them and can’t keep them stable for more than a few seconds.  Thankfully, this is absolutely NOT the case with the HeliQuad 2.4! Due to things like Gyro Stability, the HeliQuad 2.4 is a joy to fly.  The video we shot is from the first day of use.  Sure, it takes a little practice to get the controls down and you do want to trim it, but once you get it going, it is stable and fun to fly.

Here are some of the specs on the HeliQuad 2.4 -

  • New radio control elements create a completely different Heliquad flying experience indoors and outdoors
  • Advanced abilities like flying, balance, control and flips for more fun
  • 2.4GHz technology and 4-channel flight control system for longer control at a distance, little to no interference and reduced power consumption
  • Gyro stabilization allows for stable air tricks and a rapid response
  • 4-motor drive allows for 360 degree spins, the ability to fly in 6 different directions including side-to-side
  • Dedicated stunt button to engage slides, flips and incredible stunts
  • Unique design and sporty red color is eye-catching and stands out
  • Ages 12 years and up
  • No assembly required
  • What We Loved About the HeliQuad 2.4….

    There is a lot to love about this quadcopter.  Here were the highlights for us –

    • Incredibly Stable
    • Ability to Fly Indoors and Outdoors
    • Can Move in 6 Different Directions
    • Ability to Do 4 Different Stunts With the Push of A Button
    • Pick Between Beginners and Advanced Mode
    • Comes With Replacement Blades

    What We Didn’t Love About the HeliQuad 2.4…

    Overall, we had a very positive experience with the HeliQuad 2.4.  There were a few minor issues…

    • Only 5-7 Minutes of Fly Time and Then 35-50 Minutes to Recharge
    • Need to Have USB port (or adapter) to Recharge.  No Recharge From Remote

    Don’t Have a QuadCopter Yet?  No More Excuses Now

    Dads, Moms, Kids – they all seem to love the idea of flying around a quadcopter that can do stunts with the push of a button, but there are usually two things that stop them from buying – price and complexity.  The BladeRunner Series HeliQuad 2.4 from Interactive Toy Concepts removes both those barriers.  At $59 from BJ’s Warehouse the HeliQuad 2.4 is reasonable priced.  In terms of complexity, the gyro stabilization and beginner mode really make the HeliQuad very easy to fly.  Yes, it still takes a little practice and patience, but if I can fly it, anyone can fly it!

    More Information:

    The BladeRuner Series HeliQuad 2.4Ghz Quadcopter from Interactive Toy Concepts, Ages 12+

    Purchase the HeliQuad 2.4 for $59.99 from BJ’s Warehouse

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