Review: EZ Pro DJ Mixer Turntable, Can This Toy Turn You Into a Great DJ?

EZ Pro DJ Mixer

EZ Pro DJ Mixer

Get ready to look at every song in your music library in a whole new light.  Sure, you know the music you have in iTunes, but do you know how it would sound with an echo and stutter loop?  What about how two songs would sound mixed together, with a little scratching and sampling thrown in for good measure?  These questions and more will be answered as soon as you get your hands on the EZ Pro DJ Mixer from Jakks Pacific.

Tablet + EZ Pro DJ Mixer = Awesome Sounding DJ?

The EZ Pro DJ Mixer is a device that you connect to any iOS or Android device and can instantly start doing all the cool things that DJs do.  Add effects, scratch, sample and mix tunes coming off your phone or tablet.  Please have a look and listen to our lengthy video review of the EZ Pro DJ Mixer –

I Guess You Need Skills and Tools To Be a Great DJ

As the video proves, you need skills and tools to be a great DJ.  The EZ Pro DJ provides very advanced and easy to use tools (for under $50), but I clearly am lacking in the skills department.  Still, I had a blast playing with the EZ Pro DJ and the kids were strangely addicted to it, trying out endless combinations of songs and effects.

The amount of technology you get for $50 is very impressive.  The EZ Pro DJ Mixer has two simulated turntables, for scratching both an A and B song.  In addition, you have all the touch sensitive effects that we illustrate in the video.  You can add-on an EZ Pro DJ Mic and you have multiple headphone out jacks, so it can easily be hooked up to speakers.  If you are looking to cue up music, maybe at a party, this can easily be done thanks to a separate headphone jack that lets you preview a song you are cuing.

You Can Do All This With a Headphone Jack?

One of the neat technical marvels of the EZ Pro DJ Mixer is that it all works by simply plugging it into the headphone jack of a phone or tablet.  You of course need to download the free app, but there are no hardware specific cables to deal with.  iOS or Android device – as long as it has a headphone jack, you are good to go.  Still not sure how they are able to pass all the information from the board back into the app via the headphone jack, but it works!

Some Minor Issues…

Overall, we were very impressed with all the features packed into this $50 toy.  We just had three small issues.  First, the manual says the app will sync the Beats Per Minute (BPM) between two songs, but we could not get this to happen.   Second, at points the app did crash, which is fine when using it as a toy, but would be a problem in party settings.  Third, while you can record your mixes and they show up on a playlist in the app, you need to sync to the computer and do some extra steps to have your mixes available in your standard iTunes library.  As the app is Version 1.0, these minor issues will probably be corrected in future updates.

If You Have Kids Who Like Mixing Music, They Will Love The EZ Pro DJ Mixer

There is something about playing with the pitch of a voice, or making a singer echo endlessly that kids just love!  The EZ Pro DJ Mixer would make a great gift for kids who are into music and mixing.  The mixer is easy to use and can be used with Android or iOS devices.  While the EZ Pro DJ Mixer is marketed as a toy, let’s just say I know this Dad who is still trying to lay down that perfect mix.  The EZ Pro DJ can not make you into a great DJ, but it can still be great fun trying.

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