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Wooz World

Being a teenager can be hard.  Teens want to be independent, push the boundaries and explore new things…but there is only so much you can do when you still need your parents to drop you off at the mall.  Of course, teens can go online, but the unmoderated and write first, think later world of social sites like Facebook can cause us Moms and Dads to want to live off the grid.

What if there was a middle ground?  A virtual world that offered ways for teens to have fun, be independent, express themselves, interact with friends and still be safe.  This is exactly the promise of WoozWorld.

WoozWorld, A Virtual World That Is For Teens and By Teens

Online virtual worlds or MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing games) have been around for ages.  When it comes to online virtual worlds for kids, the choices are more limited.  Disney and Nick have plenty of virtual worlds for kids to play in, but these tend to focus on younger kids and are more geared toward promoting movies and TV episodes.

WoozWorld takes a different approach.  WoozWorld is a 3D Avatar based online game where teens are encouraged to express their creativity by creating Unitz. Teens can decorate their Unitz, share with friends and travel to all different regions.  Yes, there is a lot of bling – just over done Unitz that kids have gone crazy with, but there are also some very creative spaces.  In addition kids can share music and hear new bands that have their music featured in WoozWorld.

Beyond creating and sharing virtual spaces, teens can play games and contests in WoozWorld.  Right now, the game play is a little thin, but the world is expanding everyday and new features are coming on board.  Have an entrepreneurial teen?  They can create a business right in WoozWorld!  There are also some decent teen related articles on their blog.

WoozWorld is Social But Not Overly Social, And That Is A Good Thing

A virtual world where you can create things, travel and hang out with friends – there is no doubt that teens will be into this, but is it safe?  As a parent, this was my major concern, but I am happy to say WoozWorld has some great systems in place to keep things under control.  In terms of chatting…

“Our safe and supervised chat tool only allows pre-approved words and is powered by the cutting edge CRISP Thinking™ technology. Woozworld is also patrolled by an experienced team of moderators that ensure your child’s safety. Furthermore, all players have to accept and follow the strict Code of Conduct.”

While teens may find the pre-approved words chatting a little constricting, as a parent I appreciate the safety.  WoozWorld is also COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protecting Act) compliant and does seem responsive to parents’ concerns.

We Could Tell You More, But Since It’s Free Just Try It Out

Will your teens love WoozWorld?  Why not give it a try and find out.  WoozWorld is a free browser based game that your child can play from almost any device or platform.  Yes, there is an online currency, so if your teen gets into it, they will probably want you to buy some credits, but you can definitely get a nice feel for the game just by playing for free.

One quick warning – there are ads all over the site and offers tend to pop up a lot.  These disappear in VIP (paid) mode, but just have the kids be careful about all the ads on the screen.  Yes, it is annoying, but we understand the company has to make money and since the game is free, ads are part of the deal.

If they can ignore the ads, the kids will definitely have a lot to explore.  WoozWorld started in 2010 with 50 virtual spaces and today teens have built over  30 million spaces!  As a bonus for us parents, more time in WoozWorld means less time driving the kids to mall.

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WoozWorld – A Free To Play 3D Avatar Based Virtual World For Teens

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