Toy Review: Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack, A Blaster With An Interesting Twist

Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack

Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack

You know what the problem is when you shoot someone with a toy blaster?  They fire back at you!  But what if they couldn’t see you?  What if you were blasting little gel balls at your enemy and all they could see was a wall?  They can’t hit what they can’t see!  Introducing the newest Xploderz Blaster from Maya Group, the Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack Blaster.

The Only Thing Better Than An Attack is A Sneak Attack

We have reviewed many of the Xploderz blasters in the past (links at the end of the article) and they are fun.  In 2013, the Maya Group has added a very interesting twist to the Xploderz line…literally. With the Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack you can twist the front of the gun 90 degrees to the left or right.   By using the attached mirror, you can now hide behind a corner and be pelting your enemy with gel balls, all without being seen…at least that is the claim.

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The Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack Is Definitely Different Than Other Blasters

There is no question that the design of the X3 Sneak Attack is one of a kind.  Most innovations in the world of toy blasters come in the form of better range or higher capacity.  Give the Maya Group credit, the X3 Sneak Attack, with its rotating head is definitely something different.  In addition the X3 features the Ammo load switch so you can pick 1, 2 or 3 ammo balls to be fired at once.

Here are the features of the Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack:

“Get ready for stealth moves with the Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack Blaster. This cool-looking blaster has a futuristic look and can transform instantly to shoot around corners and 90-degree angles.  Featuring Select-A-Shot–a proprietary loading system, which can shoot up to three rounds of ammo at one time. The auto-loading feature makes it easy to load and fire with a single stroke. It can blast 75 rounds per minute and shoots over 125 feet, so you’re sure to hit your mark. Includes 1,000 rounds of ammo.”

Unfortunately, the Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack is also different than blasters from  other companies in a negative way.   There is no trigger on the Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack, you pull back and release the plunger to fire.   To be honest, as a Dad, I did not realize this was a big deal until we did our first Xploderz review on YouTube.  The comments came pouring in, kids wanted a dedicated trigger to fire, and they were right.  With the X3, trying to get precise aim, while hiding around a corner, looking in a tiny mirror and then pulling back a plunger and releasing is challenging to say the least.

In Terms of Gameplay, Having a Pivoting Blaster Is Fun

As the video shows, actually hitting a target while hiding around a corner is very hard.  Younger kids will have a hard time holding the blaster steady when pulling and releasing the plunger.  So, if you are looking for a blaster with dead-on accuracy, the X3 is not for you.  On the other hand, there is something very fun about running around, slightly pivoting the front of the blaster and then firing away.  It simply looks and feels cools to be able to fire off gel balls over a 180 degree area without ever turing your body.

Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack is An Imperfect, Yet Fun Blaster

In deciding if the Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack is right for your kids, it really comes down to thinking about what they like.  If they want to be able to hide behind corners and accurately hit targets without being seen, they may be disappointed.  It absolutely is possible to hit a target while having the blaster at a 90 degree angle, but it is very hard and this can be frustrating for many kids.  In addition, kids under 10 will have a hard time pulling and releasing the plunger without shaking the gun.

If you have kids who like the idea of firing tiny gel balls great distances, and in all directions, they will like the Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack.  From an imaginative gameplay standpoint, it is fun to have a blaster with a pivoting head.  In addition, you can keep the X3 in the straight mode and then you do get better accuracy.  Hopefully we will see the addition of a trigger to the Xploderz line in the future…and then all us Dads will really need to watch out as the sneak attacks will become much more accurate!

More Information:

Xploderz X3 Sneak Attack From Maya Group, Ages 8+, $34.99

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