Flying Iron Man R/C Extreme Hero Review, An R/C Toy With Super Powers?

Flying Iron Man RC Extreme Hero by EB Brands

Flying Iron Man RC Extreme Hero by EB Brands

The Apple iPhone 5S was announced yesterday to yawns.  It seems it is getting harder and harder to innovate and break out of the pack with smartphones.  We were starting to think the same pattern was holding true for R/C toys as well.  After all, we have planes, cars, helicopters and now quadcopters…but what’s the really new thing the industry can  do to really shake things up.  Well, how about a 19-inch fully detailed R/C Iron Man that can fly 20 stories high?

Introducing The Flying Iron Man RC Extreme Hero from EB Brands, Things Just Got Fun Again

While I wait for them to develop a life sized Iron Man suit for me to wear, I will be having some fun flying around the 19″ R/C Extreme Hero Iron Man from EB Brands.  Sounds great on paper, but is this just a gimmick?  A basic RC plane with some Iron Man stuff painted on the side?  Clearly we needed to get our hands on this toy and do some real world testing…

Please watch our Video Review of the RC Extreme Hero – Flying Iron Man Toy -

Not Only Does Flying Iron Man Look Great, It Is Relatively Easy To Fly

In opening the RC Extreme Hero box we encountered about 4 different slips of paper all warning us – Watch The Online Flight Training Video Before Flying.  Then there was the section of manual saying that crashes happen frequently and not to worry, because repairs were easy.  So, what did we do?  Run outside and have my 11 year old son flying without watching anything!  Well, actually we waited 45 minutes for Iron Man to charge up and then we ran outside to fly!

The amazing thing about the video is it represents my son’s first attempts to fly Iron Man.  All filming was done on the first day, with no practice.  Now, as a proud Dad I do have to admit that my son has mad piloting skills, and you probably should watch the training video, but the Iron Man RC Extreme Hero really flies very well.  Iron Man has some weight to him, so he is not knocked off course by a light wind, as many other consumer RC planes are.  Overall, we were very impressed with the controls and ease of flying for Iron Man.

How did they achieve the controls on the RC Extreme Hero Iron Man?  Here are the specs…

“Made from lightweight yet durable, reinforced, structural foam, powered by high output twin engines, fueled by a built in, super capacity, rechargeable LiPo battery and driven by a custom programmed, extended distance 2.4 GHz controller, the RC Extreme Hero is the ultimate flying machine. A unique patent pending steering mechanism gives you greater control and a super tight turning radius”

The Coolest Thing?  It Really Looks Like Iron Man Flying!

Arms back, head out straight – the toy really looks like a 19″ Iron Man is flying around your house.  It would have been easy to slap some Iron Man decals on an RC plane and call it a “flying Iron Man”, but we all know that would not have looked like Iron Man.  EB Brands did a great job of making a toy that flies very well, but also maintains the look and feel of Iron Man.

Yes, The Long Recharge Time and Short Flight Time is a Bummer

We say this in every review of an RC flying toy…when is someone going to invent a super powerful and very light battery for these toys?  The major disadvantage to RC Extreme Hero Iron Man (and basically all other consumer RC flying toys) is that you only get 5-7 minutes of fly time and then need to recharge for about 45 minutes.  As a Dad I get the science between weight ratios, power and battery size – but when you have to tell an 8 year old he has to wait 45 minutes to have his turn with Flying Iron Man, it can be hard!

Finally, An Instruction Manual That Stays In Character

A quick tip of the hat to whoever wrote the instruction manual.  Not only is it clear and easy to read, it actually stays in character.  For example, in the Quick Start section it says you should read the whole manual but they also understands some super heroes and their hero Dads don’t have time for manuals and want to get right into the action.

Nice job!  If you are going to make a Super Hero toy, why not continue that in the manual?  We have read so many terrible manuals, particularly for RC toys, it is very refreshing to see a well done manual that is factual, helpful and full of Super Hero talk.

Conclusion:  Have An Avengers Fan?  Get The Iron Man Flying RC Extreme Hero While You Can Still Find Them

Let’s make this simple and to the point – we loved the Iron Man Flying RC Extreme Hero.  Our guess is that these toys will be flying off the shelves as we get closer to the holidays (pun intended).  Yes, it would be great if you had more fly time and you do need lots of open space to fly it, but it is still cool, fun and relatively easy to fly.   The set comes with extra propellor blades and instructions on how to tape up the body if things break, but we have not had any problems.  At $79.99 retail it is a pricey toy, but look at it this way, that is a small price to pay to become a super cool, flying Iron Man.

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RC Extreme Hero Iron Man from EB Brands, Ages 8+, $79.99 Retail

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