Toy Review: Sonic Speeders Stunt Set and Race Set, Behold The Powder Of Air

Sonic Speeders Stunt Set

Sonic Speeders Race SetSonic Speeders Stunt Set

Oh air, how I have missed you.  In this age of toy cars powered by batteries, gasoline, solar energy, rubber bands, vinegar and baking soda – what ever happened to air power?  I still remember the old  Air Jammer Road Rammer.  Who could forget their tag line, “You can run this car without a care.  Cause it doesn’t run on gas, it runs on air!

You can imagine my delight when I heard that the Maya Group had just released the Sonic Speeders – air powered race cars.   We quickly got our hands on the Sonic Speeders Race Set and the Sonic Speeders Stunt Set.  Please take a look at our hands-on video reviews –

Sonic Speeders Toy Race Set

Sonic Speeders Toy Stunt Set

No Batteries, No Recharging, Just Pump and Play!

The Sonic Speeders once again prove that simple is best.  No batteries to charge, nothing to calibrate, no fancy apps to configure, just Pump and Play!  The Sonic Speeders are very fast, moving upwards of 25 feet per second.  How do they move so fast?  Well, it just takes about 15 pumps of the launcher to build up 40 PSI and then when you release all that pressure at once, the cars really fly.

No Wall Is Safe With The Sonic Speeders Around

When we say the race cars fly, we mean they fly!  Yes, you can have races with the Sonic Speeders Race Set.  Of course you can have the car do loops with the Sonic Speeders Stunt Set.  We found the real fun came when you launched the Sonic Speeders on a jump or down a set of stairs.  The cars are so light, they really fly off a jump…often into any wall that might try to stop them.

Tracks?  We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Tracks!

One of the things the kids really loved about the Sonic Speeders was they could launch them anywhere.  On the floor, off a table, directly toward a fleeing cat…you get the idea.  Yes, the Stunt Set comes with a track loop, which is fun to do a few times, but the real fun is just making up your own courses to do races and stunts.  Can a Stunt Speeder race car smash through a Lego wall and still knock over Darth Vader?  The only way to find out is to try it out!

Conclusion:  Sonic Speeders Prove Playing With Air Can Be Fast and Fun

Overall, the kids loved the Sonic Speeders Toy Race Cars.  A simple, fun and fast racing toy that can be used in a number of different ways.  While both the Stunt Set and Race Set are fun, if we had to pick one, we would go with the Race Set.  You get 2 cars and 2 launchers, which means double the fun.  Hmm, I wonder what would happen if two cars, traveling 25 Feet Per Second smashed into each other…

More Information:

Sonic Speeders Race Set From Maya Group (Max Tech), Ages 6+, $34.99

Sonic Speeders Stunt Set From Maya Group, Ages 6+,  $24.99

Purchase the Sonic Speeders Race Set From Amazon.Com for $29.99

Purchase the Sonic Speeders Race Set From Amazon.Com for $23.99

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