Kids, How Does $10,000 For Making A Better Board Game Sound?

Design a Better Board Game

Design a Better Board Game

All you Moms and Dads go back to your work or 50th load of laundry for the day, today I want to talk to the kids.  Yes, this is just for the 5-12 year old crowd, a group who I am mentally much more in tune with anyway.  Kids, have you ever played a board game and thought, “Wow, I could make a game better than that!”  Well, now is your chance to prove it and win some awesome prizes!

Introducing the National Young Game Inventors Contest

This is so cool, I wish I was 12 again!  The deal is, you design a board game (with all its pieces, rules, and a board) and earn the chance to win prizes (a trip to San Francisco for Four, a $10,000 savings bond, a game library, and more!).  In addition, the winning game may be produced by University Games for their 2014 lineup.  How cool is that – you can win great prizes AND your game may be produced for all to play and enjoy.  That is almost as cool as having a candy bar made with your name on it.

Mom and Dad, Keep Doing The Laundry, The Kids Got This

Here is the best part – parents are not allowed to help! This is all about the kids (must be between 5 and 12 to enter) designing and creating a game that they think is fun.  Here are some more details –

What Do I Have To Do?

Design a board game!  You’ll need to think up the idea for the game that’s fun to play (it can be on any subject, but must be a board game, not a card game or other toy). Then, decide what the board and pieces look like, figure out the rules and how to play and design a sample of the board and pieces. Try it out with friends or your family, just to make sure it all works!  When you are done, send the game to us with an entry form by October 1, 2013 (Entries will not be judged on artwork.)

Better Stop Reading This and Get Working, The Contest Ends on October 1, 2013

Ok kids, you can call the parents back into the room.  Have them visit this page, which has the entry form and all the information needed to get started.  Better get working, as the contest ends on 10/1/13.  Winners will be announced on the University Games site in November 2013.  If you win the trip for 4 to San Francisco, I guess you could take your parents…or you could take the guy who told you about the contest :)

Good Luck to All!

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