Review: ZarBee’s Naturals Seasonal Relief, For Those Of Us Who Like to Breath

Zarbee's Seasonal Relief

Zarbee's Seasonal Relief

I like to consider myself a low-maintenance, non-materialistic Dad.  I don’t need fancy cars, expensive trips, sneakers with 24K gold laces, the ability to breath in the fall…wait I do need that last one.  While I don’t need much, I really do love my oxygen, which explains why I hate the Fall.  Yes, Fall marks the end of Summer and that is bad, but more importantly, it marks the end of my easy breathing days and that is REALLY bad!

Can Zarbee’s Naturals Seasonal Relief Let You Breathe Freely?

When I was contacted by Zarbee’s Naturals to try out their seasonal allergy relief remedy I was very skeptical.  I have tried endless allergy drugs and they just tend to make me sleepy and give me a headache.  Once I started reading about Zarbee’s I realized what they were offering was very different – these were all natural, drug free, clinical tested supplements.  Here are some of the highlights on Zarbee’s –

  • No Drugs, No Dyes
  • Recommend by over 40,000 Doctors
  • Natural Ingredients

They had me at No Drugs, so I decided to give the Zarbee’s Seasonal Relief product a try.  Just by looking at the top of the packaging –

Zarbee's Naturals Seasonal Relief

I was getting excited.  The Season Relief claims to provide “Defense against pollen.  Proven congestion relief.”    How in the world was a drug free, all natural product going to pull this off?

Butterbur Leaf Extract, Proves Not All Plants Are Evil

My allergies have forced me to become a “plantist“.  Yes, I unfairly judge all plants as evil because of the few plants that I have met and caused me to have allergies.  But what’s this?  The Seasonal Relief product has just one ingredient and that ingredient is a plant??  My ability to breathe again is going to depend on the Butterbur Leaf Extract Ze339.

I am going to go out on a limb here and assume that Dad Does readers are not Butterbur Plant experts.  So, let’s go over the highlights on this interesting plant…

  • Zarbee’s Seasonal Relief is the 1st ever natural and clinically proven product that helps with seasonal pollen and congestion relief
  • It is made with a clinically proven ingredient called Butterbur Ze 339, which has only been available in Switzerland until now.
  • In clinical studies, Butterbur Ze 339 was effective at easing congestion and the effects of seasonal pollen
  • Zarbee’s Seasonal Relief is non-drowsy, non-habit forming and completely PA-safe

All This Is Fine, But Does Zarbee’s Seasonal Relief Work?

I have been using Seasonal Relief for the past few weeks and while it is still early in the season, I am still breathing!  Normally, once I get congested and my eyes start to itch, I am doomed.  Things only get worse from there as the allergies really kick in.  There have been a number of times now when I started to feel the congestion and took a Seasonal Relief pill and things got better not worse!  I will continue to test things out as we move into late September and October, but for now I have been very impressed with the relief!

The other thing I should mention – no side effects!  This may be the first allergy medicine I have taken and not felt drowsy.  The reason is, Seasonal Relief is not a medicine – it is an all natural supplement.  Who knew that the way to combat plant based allergies would be to eat a plant extract!  That does it, I am changing my way and from this day forward will judge all plants on their individual merits and not be a plantist any more.

Will Zarbee’s Seasonal Relief Work As Well For You?  Give It A Try…

Everybody is different and reacts differently to supplements and medicines.  Want to know if Seasonal Relief will work for you?  Simple, just give it a try…for free! Simply head over to the Zarbee’s Facebook Page and you can get a free sample of their products.  It is always a good sign when a company provides free samples, it means they really believe in their product.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to run in a field and see if I can breathe freely….

ZarBee’s Seasonal Relief is the 1st ever natural and clinically proven product that helps with seasonal pollen & congestion relief. Click here to learn how to get your free sample of the new Seasonal Remedies.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ZarBee’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

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