Review: Bluetooth R/C Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Remotely Rock Out To Your Tunes

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Bluetooh RC Car

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Bluetooh RC Car

I have now made it.  I finally own a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.  Take that 3rd grade teacher who told me I needed to apply myself more!  Fine, maybe if I did apply myself more my Mercedes-Benz would be real and not a remote controlled car, but hey, this thing is still pretty cool.

The Silverlit Interactive Bluetooth R/C Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is a remote controlled car you control with your iOS device…but wait…don’t order yet!  The RC Mercedes also acts as an external speaker for you to stream all your iTunes music as you cruise around your house.

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These is A R/C Car With Some Serious Bling

We have reviewed Bluetooth controlled cars before.  We have reviewed Bluetooth external speakers.  However, we have never reviewed a Bluetooth R/C car which is also a Bluetooth external speaker.  Talk about bling, did you see how the Mercedes can actually dance to music it is streaming?  What about the internal dashboard lights?  Pretty cool stuff.  Here are all the details –

  • Real feel racing with sound effects delivering the rev and rumble of the engine that increases with speed, hobby grade steering, and variable speeds.
  • Users can tilt their Apple i-Device to drive forward, twist the device to turn right or left, and lean the device back to reverse or remain idle. This is not just a virtual joystick. This is a revolutionary new way to experience R/C (standard joystick control also available)
  • App design mimics the Mercedes dashboard look, with built-in controls for headlights, tail lights, signal lights, horn and open/close of the doors all triggered via the app.
  • High-tech speaker system streams music directly from your iTunes library–vehicle can even be programed to react to the music.

Simple To Set-Up, Fun To Drive

Pop 4 AA batteries in the Mercedes, download the Silverlit app, sync via Bluetooth and you are good to go.  No charging necessary, just flick on the Mercedes and you are ready to drive or pump some tunes.  We found the joystick controls much easier than the Gesture Mode, but you can experiment with each mode to find your favorite.

In terms of driving and handling, the Mercedes does not disappoint.  The Silverlit car is fast and very responsive.  Of course, being able to turn on your lights, flash the hazards, honk the horn and pop open your doors adds to the fun of playing with the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.   The app looks great and does a good job of recreating the feel of a real Mercedes-Benz dashboard.

The only issues we had was with range.  Since this toy works via Bluetooth, once you get further than about 30 feet from the phone, you can have some control issues.  This is not the type of car you can drive 100 feet from you and still be able to accurately control and stream music.  As long as you keep the Silverlit Mercedes-Benz in about a 30-40 foot range, you should not have problems with the controls.

Conclusion: For Many Of Us, The Silverlit Mercedes-Benz Is As Close As We Will Get To Driving a Real Mercedes

I have no doubt owning a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG would be a thrill…but making the car payments on it would be a real buzz killer!  With a street price of about $79, you can drive the Silverlit Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and still have a blast…without the car payments.  Yes, kids would love to drive this RC car and pump their tunes via iTunes, but my guess is it is the Dads who will love this toy the most.  If you have a Mercedes-Benz lover in your family, you have just found the perfect gift for them.

More Information:

Visit Silverlit To Learn More About The Bluetooth Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.  Street Price, $79.99.  For iOS Devices

Purchase At MacMall For $79.99

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