Review: Lenovo Horizon Table PC, At 27 Inches The Tablet Just Ate The Table

Horizon Table PC

Horizon Table PC

It seems like just yesterday when a table was a place you put down your tablet.  I really need to stop living in the past, this is the 21st Century and if Lenovo has its way, the table will become the tablet and the PC and the game machine and the white board and the scrap book…

Yes, with the introduction of the Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Table PC, the line between table, tablet, PC and pretty much anything else you can think of just got a lot more blurry.  The Horizon Table PC is SO big, it took not one but two videos to review it!

Please watch Part 1 of Our Video Review of the Horizon Table PC -

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We’ll Give You The Specs, But The Appeal of The Horizon Is Beyond The Specs

Lenovo Horizon Table PC

You really can’t review a PC or Tablet without giving the basic tech specs, so here is a link to all the tech specs on the Lenovo Horizon.  Have a look and you will see this is one loaded PC – Windows 8, 8GB of RAM, 1TB of HDD storage, USB 3.0 Ports, Built In Battery, 27″ LED multitouch panel and tons more under the hood.  All of that is great and does make for a nice computing experience, but using the Horizon as a standard PC would be like using a Ferrari to go grocery shopping.

The entire design of the Horizon encourages people to work together around this computer.  The real magic of the Horizon comes out when you lay it flat and the Aura Desktop pops up.  Suddenly it feels like you have jumped a few years into the future.  You start flicking photos around the screen AND encouraging the viewers to come closer and interact with the photos.  Then you might start up a game that has 4 people playing, talking and laughing at the same time.  Suddenly you start thinking that all furniture should be interactive and bring people together.  Take a look at some of these design concepts built around the Horizon Table PC –

Lenovo Horizon PC

Lenovo Horizon Table PC

I mean this is clearly a different way of thinking about computing and how it fits into our different work and play environments.

The Ultimate Test Grounds – The Kids of iD Tech Camp

We have learned that if you want to hear the truth about a product, just ask kids!  Kids will tell it like it is and not hold back with their criticism.   In addition, kids are not big fans of reading manuals, they just grab something and start playing with it.  So, if you want to check if you have a design that is intuitive, again kids are the ones to test it.

As the video shows, we brought the Horizon into the iD Tech Summer Computer Camps.  These camps are filled with kids who love technology and computers and are on the cutting edge of everything.   As we watched the kids play together with the Horizon, it was clear that Lenovo was onto something.  The kids immediately figured out how to use it and loved playing four player games together.  I am sure these kids all had computers with fantastic tech specs at home, but it was the design and way you interact with the Horizon that got them so excited.

Horizon Table PC

Our Not In Fine Print Disclaimer, We are Part of The IN Crowd

All throughout high school I had this master plan to become part of the IN crowd.  Well, the plan took a little longer to develop than initially projected, but check me out now all you cool 16 year olds – I am in the IN Crowd.  Of course by IN, I mean the Lenovo Influencers Network or Lenovo IN for short.  You know a group is cool when they have their own logo –

Lenovo IN Logo

So, what exactly is Lenovo IN?  Basically, Lenovo is providing us access to some cool products, events and opportunities and we are writing up our honest experience with their products and brand.  We are not financially compensated by Lenovo and all views expressed are our own.  We received access to a Horizon Table PC for the purpose of  doing this review.

Conclusion:  The Lenovo Horizon Table PC Shows That PCs Are Not Dead Yet!

It is no secret that the PC industry is hurting.  Sales of tablets and smart phones are skyrocketing while sales of PCs and laptops have been declining.  Many manufactures seem to have given up on PCs, but the Horizon and the Yoga 11S prove that Lenovo is taking a different path.  Lenovo is changing the definition of PCs.  Is the Horizon a PC or the world’s biggest tablet?  It comes with joysticks, strikers and dice so is it a game system or a PC?  Is the Horizon interactive furniture or a PC? This is the real beauty of the Horizon, it is taking chances, breaking the mold and trying to evolve the PC.  After all, we all know what happens to creatures that don’t evolve…

Should you buy the Horizon Table PC?  Watch the videos and see if it grabs you.  If your mind starts racing with different ways you could use the Horizon at home or work, you know it makes sense.  Pricing starts at about $1,500, so you are paying more than a “standard PC”, but what you can do with a Horizon PC is anything but standard!

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