Review: Battroborg Battling Robots, Because, You Know, Robots Love to Battle

Battroborg Robots

Battroborg Robots

What is with robots?  You ever notice that robots never seem to sit down and read a book or have a nice relaxing dinner with their other robot friends?  No, robots are either dancing, compulsively cleaning (looking at you Roomba) or 9 times out of 10 battling each other.  The robot battle has just been stepped up a notch with the Battroborg Battling Robots from Tomy.

We first got a demo of the remote controlled battling robots at Toy Fair 2013, but we have now had some time to play with the BattroBorg 3-In-1 Battle Arena…two robots enter, only one leaves.  Fine, technically both will leave, but one will have a flashing red light showing he was punched in the head 5 times and lost the battle.  Make sense?  Yeah, not yet – but once you watch our video review, all will be clear…

Please Watch Our Video Review of the Battroborg 3-In-1 Battle Arena -

It’s Like Rock’em Sock’em Robots for The 21st Century

The thing we noticed immediately when playing with the Battroborg Robots was that it felt like a very high tech, wireless RC version of the old Rock’em Sock’em robots.  Not a whole lot of strategy, you swing the nanchaku controllers like a crazy person and hope you knock out your robot before they knock out you.  Here are some more details on the Battroborg 3-In-1 Battle Arena –

“The Battroborg 3-in-1 Battle Arena offers multiple ways to play and each Battroborg can battle in three different competitive game modes.

Combat mode allows for head-to-head battle against an opponent. Battle boot camp allows players to master the art of combat by taking on the training drones. The other game play options include Autodrone mode where players can battle against a self-activated Battroborg robot or Tag mode where a self-propelled Battroborg robot chases other Battroborgs. Battroborg’s advanced radio control technology also allows players to host a Battle Royal where up to 20 robots can battle at one time.”

What We Liked About The Battroborg Battling Robots…

When you first start out, attach the robot to the controlled and it will charge in about 20 minutes.  You then get about 20 minutes of play time before you need to recharge.  For an RC toy, this is a very good ratio of charge time to play time.  The robots are then very easy to operate.  Swing the controller in your right hand and the robot punches with his right hand.  Swing the left hand controller, yep, you guessed it, the robot throws a left jab.

The sound effects that come out of the controller are also fun.  It really adds to the whole battle feel, when you have the sound of punches being landed.  We love the look of the Battroborg robots – there are 8 different robots to collect and they all have a very futuristic look to them.

Finally, the Battroborg robots are fun to use outside of the arena.  Have the robots destroy a city you built out of blocks.  See what the cat does when a robot starts jabbing at him.  Make a fun movie where robots come to town and create mayhem!  Our kids actually had the most fun using the Battroborg robots outside the arena and in imaginative play manners.

What We Didn’t Like About The Battroborg Battling Robots…

Man is it hard to get the robots to go where you want them to go.  As the video shows, there is no easy way to move around with any precision.  Throw a right punch and you sort of turn counter-clockwise.  Throw two punches together and you sort of move forward.  No real way to move backwards.  All this means that many battles end up with the two robots throwing punches at the ropes they are stuck against, not their opponent.

The real solution to this problem is just to use your hands and every once in a while reposition the robots so they are facing each other.  For some kids, this may be a deal breaker – if they want robots with accurate movement controls, the Battroborg is not the way to go.  On the other hand, if your kids just love the idea of remotely being able to make a cool looking robot throw punches, they will have fun with the Battroborg robots.

Conclusion: Cats Of The World Beware, Battroborg Robots Are Coming For You

While the lack of motion controls on the Battroborgs can be frustrating, it still is fun to throw punches and wreck things with a remote controlled 4″ robot.  If you want to use the arena, we recommend bringing the ropes in close, as this forces the robots to face each other.  Outside of the arena, there are lots of fun ways to use the Battroborg robots that everyone will enjoy….except your cat!

More Information:

Battroborg 3-In-1 Battle Arena by Tomy Sells for $79.99 and Includes 2 RC Robots.  Ages 6+

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