Looksi Pups, Virtual Dogs Just Got A Little Less Virtual and More 3 Dimensional

Looksi Pup Kennel

Looksi Pups

Virtual pets for your iPhone are nothing new.  There are countless apps that let you raise a puppy on your phone, feed him and teach him tricks.  But really, what self respecting dog would live on your flat iPhone screen?  No, a puppy should have a kennel to run around in and play in.  Say hello to the Looksi Pups and Kennels

Looksi Pup Kennel

By slipping your iPhone into the Kennel, your puppy seems to come to life in 3D.  Now, that is the way a virtual pet should look!

Please watch our Video Review of the Looksi Pups -

Looksi Pups Are Taking Virtual Pets To The Next Level

As we show in the video, the real selling point to the Looksi Pups is the Kennel.  The ability to look in the front or side of the kennel and see what looks like a dog in a tiny kennel, really brings some life to this product.  Here are some of the key features –

  • 7 Different breeds of dog to choose from
  • 15 voice commands, including ‘fetch’, ‘dance’ and ‘chase tail’
  • Voice recognition which responds only to the owner’s voice
  • A host of extra outfits, toys and tricks to be unlocked
  • Games which use voice commands and the phone’s tilt sensors
  • Interaction with other Looksi Pups, who can play in each others’ kennels
  • An alarm clock and “guard dog” mode
  • The rear of the kennel left open for charging cables,
  • Volume controls left accessible at the side

Looksi Pups Are Virtual, But They Need Real Help Coming To Life

While we got the opportunity to try out a Looksi Pup and Kennel, the product is not on the market yet.  In fact, the company has a Kickstarter campaign that is currently open (ends 8/23/13) where they are looking to raise money to bring the Looksi Pups to the market.  Normally, we are not big on Kickstarter, since many of the products never come to life, but since we have tried Looksi Pups, we know it is real.

Click Here to Visit The Kickstarter Campaign and Learn More About Looksi Pups

Now if you will excuse me, I need to feed my dog and clean up his poop, otherwise he gets very angry.  Trust me, you don’t want to be around Fluffy when he is angry!

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