Tasty Tuesday: Lovely Candy – All The Yummy With None of the Nasty!

Lovely Candy Co

Tasty Tuesday

by Dan Nessel

It’s back!  It’s been way too long, but we are excited to say that Tasty Tuesday has made a triumphant return.  Simply put, Tasty Tuesday is the day when we talk about some of the yummy stuff we have been digging at Dad Does.  Amazingly, Tasty Tuesday always falls on a Tuesday…good thing we didn’t call it Tasty Thursday, that would have been awkward.

This Tuesday, Lovely Candy Proves Tastiness Can Be Gluten and GMO Free

Lovely Candy

One day, Mike Nakamura was given a simple request from his wife Jackie – buy her some top-quality, gluten-free, non-GMO candies with no artificial ingredients.  Little did Mike know, he was on an impossible quest.  He had two choices, admit defeat to his wife or create his own candy company.  Like any good man who knows to keep his wife happy, Mike started the Lovely Candy Company.

In brief, here is what Lovely Candy Is All About –

“To the ingredient conscious consumer, The Lovely Candy Company is the delicious, consciously crafted candy you love and enjoy, that gives you the best tasting, smart indulgence, so you can stay in control of your health. That’s because The Lovely Candy Company always uses gluten free and non-GMO ingredients that are either organic or natural and only makes products that deliver on taste.  No corn, soy or wheat, Kosher certified.”

That is All Great, But How Does The Candy Taste?

Clean ingredients are great, but this is Tasty Tuesday and we all know that candy NEEDS to taste good!  We were sent sample of the Original Chewy Caramels, Chocolate Swirl Caramels, Super Fruit Chews and Fruit Chews.  We would normally include some shots here of us eating the food, but the Lovely Candy was so tasty we ate them all before we thought to take a picture!

Even if you care nothing about Gluten-Free or Non-GMO, the Lovely Candy products are so good, you will want to eat them just for the taste.  The Chewy Caramels have just the right amount of chew and basically melt in your mouth.  The Chocolate Swirl Caramels are the perfect blend of chocolate and caramel – everything in balance, nothing overpowering.  The Fruit Chews are like healthy Starbursts…but softer with a more fruity feel to them.  Lovely Candy is not good for a “healthier candy” it is just plain good – period. Try the Lovely Candy and you will not be disappointed…but you may very well become addicted!

Lovely Candy Caramel

Lovely Candy Chocolate Caramel

Lovely Candy

Lovely Candy Co

More Information:

Visit Lovely Candy Company To Learn More And Where to Buy.  Retail Price About $5.99 per package

Purchase Lovely Candy At Amazon.Com

Note: We were sent samples of the Lovely Candy to sample and review.  No other compensation was received.

Dan NesselDan Nessel believes that we really are what we eat, and for many of us, that is a pretty scary thought! For over 15 years Dan has covered the health and wellness industry and he is still amazed every year that some company manages to release another bottle of water claiming it is better than the 6 million other bottles of water on the market. Dan is a senior editor at DadDoes.Com.

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