Review: Flutterbye Flying Fairies, A Fairy That Actually Floats Above Your Hand???

Flutterbye Flying Fairies

Flutterbye Flying Fairies

We just spent a few hours doing a whole video review of the Flutterbye Flying Fairies.  We are about to open up and write a full review of the Flutterbye Fairy.  However, if you are short on time, let me make this simple for you…

If you have a girl who likes fairies, get them the Flutterbye Fairies!

The new Flutterbye Flying Fairies from Spin Master are exactly that… flying fairies.  We could try to explain it, but it is better if your watch the Flutterbye Fairies in action…

Please Watch Our Video Review of The Flutterbye Flying Fairies -

Which Flutterbye Fairy Will You Pick?

In the video we show Flower Fairy.  What’s so special about Flower Fairy?  We’re glad you asked

“The magic is in your hands! Flower Fairy has chosen you to help her fly. Like the posies that bloom in the garden, Flower Fairy brings love and beauty to all who fly her. Magically guide her through the air with the movement of your hand. Do you believe magic is real?”

The Flower Fairy not doing it for you?  You could go with the Stardust Fairy or Sunbeam Fairy.  While all the fairies have the same mechanics and game play, they do have different looks and unique back stories.

Flutterbye Fairies Offer Further Proof That Simple Is Better

Spin Master, the parent company to Air Hogs, could have filled these fairies with endless technology, but thankfully they did not.  The Flutterbyes have just enough technology to enhance game play, but not so much to make them complicated.  Press a button the Fairy floats up.  Press the same button she comes down.  Put your hand under her and she hoovers over your hand.  Recharge and replay.  That is it!

Conclusion: If You Have Girls Who Love Fairies, The Flutterbye Fairy Will Be A Hit

Sometimes when writing reviews, things get complicated.  Is a toy worth the money?  Does the toy appeal to different audiences?  Is the toy fun, but hard to operate?  With the Flutterbye fairy, things are very simple – if you have girls who love to play with dolls, princesses and fairies, they will love the Flutterbye Fairy. The toy is easy to use, has just the right amount of technology and is priced right ($34.99 retail).

More Information:

The Flutterbye Flying Fairy From Spin Master Retails for $34.99, Ages 5-9

Purchase the Flutterbye Flying Fairies At Amazon.Com

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