Review: Zoomer Dog, Finally A Robotic Pet Who Feels Less Like a Robot And More Like A Pet

Zoomer Interactive Pet

Zoomer Interactive Pet

I like robots.  What is not to like about a robot who sweeps up your floors?  I also like dogs – you can’t go wrong with man’s best friend.  The thing is, I have not been a big fan of the merger of the two – robotic dogs.  Dogs are playful, willful and surprising and robots are, well, exactly not that.  The various robotic toy dogs we have tested and have felt much more like robots than pets.

Zoomer Is Putting The Pet in Robotic Pets

We are happy to report that the robotic pet market is about to get more playful.  Zoomer is the new Interactive Robotic Pet from Spin Master.  We could try to explain Zoomer, but Zoomer is just one of those toys you need to see to understand…

Please watch our video review of Zoomer, The Interactive Pet -

Zoomer Is Not Perfect, And That Is A Good Thing

Normally if you have a toy that does not always respond to your commands and is hard to control, that is a bad thing.  However, since Zoomer is supposed to behave like a pet, it actually makes sense that he does not always follows your commands.  It takes some work to “train” Zoomer and get him to respond to your commands, but as the video shows, even if Zoomer is not always listening, he is moving around, acting like a dog and making the kids smile.

There Is More To Zoomer Than Meets The Eye

Out of the box, here are the key features for Zoomer:

  • The more you play with him, the more tricks he will learn
  • Flexible tail for real wagging action
  • Rotational core allows him to fully roll over
  • LED eyes with blinking and tracking capabilities
  • Voice command receiver for intuitive play
  • Chest sensors track objects and know when you’re scratching his belly
  • Easy trick button shows you a sneak peek at Zoomer’s tricks
  • Charges Via USB Cable
  • Trilingual – understands English, Spanish and French

While all of the above features are cool, it also appears that there will be a number of ways to get more out of Zoomer.  A Zoomer iOS and Android App should allow kids to interactive and play with Zoomer in new ways.  In addition, the Zoomer Pup page has tips and tricks on how to get the most our of Zoomer.  It seems like only a matter of time before people start to discover undocumented tricks that Zoomer can do.

If A Dog Is Going To Pee In Your House, You Better Hope It Is Zoomer

There is a lot that kids will love about Zoomer, but being able to make Zoomer pee on command, that brings kiddy fun to a whole new level!  In testing, it was a real challenge for anyone to get the full command – “Zoomer, Go Pee” out without breaking up into laughter.   The folks behind Zoomer have really created a fun, silly  and full of personality pet.  The LED eyes on Zoomer are fantastic and add a great deal of personality to the pup.  Say “I Love You” to Zoomer and his eyes turn into hearts.

Conclusion:  Zoomer May Not Be A Real Dog, But He Will Bring Smiles To Your Children

The tag line for Zoomer is “Your Real Best Friend“.  I don’t think anyone is going to mistake Zoomer for a real dog, but he will make a fun friend for your kids.  Zoomer doesn’t always get the voice commands you give him, especially if you play with him in a noisy environment, but because he moves and acts like a puppy, it is easy to forgive his errors in listening.  Zoomer has a quirky and fun personality that should keep the kids smiling and playing…and maybe buy you a few months before they start chanting “we want a dog” again.

More Information:

Zoomer The Robotic Pet From Spin Master Will Retail For $99, Ages 5+

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