The Air Hogs Helix X4 Has Not Hit Store Shelves, But We Are Giving One Away!

by nessel on August 1, 2013

Helix X4 Stunt Quadcopter

I’m just not sure we can go through with this.  We recently reviewed the brand new Air Hogs Elite Helix X4 Stunt Quadcopter and it is awesome.  It should start hitting store shelves sometime in August, but we have a Brand New Helix X4 Quadcopter that we are giving away.  Oh man, it hurts even writing it.  Giving it away?  Do you know how much fun it would be to keep it and have two Helix X4s do stunts and doubly torment our cat?  No, must not be greedy, must think about our wonderful Dad Does readers…

On 8/15/13 We Are Giving Away A Brand New Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt Quadcopter

There, we said it, in big bold print – that will force us to give it away :)  Wow, our cat just started doing a happy dance.

In case you missed it, check out our video review of the Air Hogs Helix X4 Quadcopter -

Please also read our full review of the Air Hogs Elite Helix X4 RC Quadcopter to see how totally cool this $80 toy really is.

On August 15th, 2013 at 6pm EST We Will Randomly Pick One Winner For the Air Hogs Elite Helix X4 RC Quadcopter ($80)

Do I Have to Give Up My First Born to Enter?

Not only do you not need to give up your first born to enter, you can even keep your 2nd and 3rd born as well! We tried to make this as easy as possible, so here is the 3 Step Process…

Step 1 – Join Us (Mandatory)

If you clicked that nice little Join Us button in the past – you’ve already got a ticket in the Air Hogs RC Helix X4 Quadcopter Giveaway!  Any member of Dad Does is automatically entered into any giveaway we do. Not a member yet? No problem, all you have to do is Join Us – requires just your email, 100% free and takes about 6 seconds. So, just Join Us once and you are automatically entered in any giveaway we ever do – simple – right?

Step 2 – Leave a Comment Below And Increase Your Odds of Winning by 10x (Optional)

If you are reading this post, you deserve a better chance to win. So, just leave a comment below – say anything you like, and we will give you 10 additional entries into the giveaway.

Step 3 – Complete Your Entry Using The RaffleCopter App

To help us randomly pick the winners and keep track of the entries we are using a cool little app called Raffle Copter. Once you have Joined Dad Does and left a comment on this post, just complete your entry by using this RaffleCopter app -

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It is very important you record your entries in the above app, as it is how we will notify winners.

To recap, you Join Us, that gets you 1 entry. Already a member? You already have your first entry (but please still complete the info on Rafflecopter). If you want, leave a comment below, that gets you 10 more entries (giving 11 entries as the maximum anyone can get). Record your entries using the RaffleCopter app on this page. If you win, tell us where to ship it. Pretty darn easy, no?

We will randomly pick one winner on Thursday August 15th, 2013.

Where Is The Bribe To Like and Follow A Zillion Different Account?

Yeah, it is not here.  Look, we just happen to hate giveaways that force you to like and follow companies.  We think Air Hogs is cool and appreciate their support in providing the awesome RC Quadcopter for this contest.  If you want to give Air Hogs some love, that is totally cool.  Completely up to you, not required to win the totally awesome Helix X4, but who knows, maybe it will put some positive Karma on you.

If you are so inclined, here are some places to show your love…

Air Hogs on Facebook

Air Hogs on Twitter

And hey, you can always love us on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you are in the mood!

Let The Fun Begin!

Helix X4 Stunt

Join Us – takes about 6 seconds and gets you an entry in this contest and all other contests we ever do. If you want to increase your odds, just leave a comment below – that gets you 10 more entries (maximum of 11 entries per person).

Rub a rabbit’s foot, put on your lucky socks, kiss a leprechaun and let the fun begin!

More Information:

Visit Air Hogs To Learn More About the Air Hogs Helix X4

Read Our Full Review of the Air Hogs Helix X4 Quadrocopter

Leave A Comment Below For 10 Extra Entries and Good Luck to All!

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  • Dan Dad Does

    Sorry, but for this contest we can only ship the prize to the US and Canada.
    Good luck!

    • Sandra Behrens

      I’m already a member, liked on facebook and left a comment and also left a comment here. I don’t see my 11 entries??

      • Dan Dad Does

        Hey Sandra – thanks! You are all set – just checked and you have 11 spots in the giveaway. Good luck!

  • Sheepmenot

    Another chance to win a copter! Thanks Dad Does…

  • Todd Barwick

    I could totally annoy friends and family with this!!

  • Regina

    This looks fun!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Andres Pinzon

    Looks solid – love to have one

  • Jeremiah

    Oh yah man! Send it to me!

  • greg

    just in time as my rc copter broke.

  • big_daddy_black

    I can never buy anything like this, because I’m afraid my kids will crush it instantly. Winning one for free would make it less of a concern. I’d probably get to play with it at least once, right? Oh… maybe I’d let them play with it, too…. maybe.

  • Clifton Sluss

    i’m winning this.

  • christophersorel

    love air hogs until I bust them up

  • Chad Johnson

    Only issue with winning this would be if I or my 5 year old son gets to play with it more!!

  • stevepvc

    Can I use this to get myself a snack? I didn’t see mention of any grappling hooks.

  • John

    You are soo right…my cat would go nuts tring to catch this !!!!

  • dor

    I really love this. The things they come out with :) I think if I won, my husband would want to play with it. Sorry Nephews :)

  • djslack

    Looks like fun!

  • betsyjamieson

    This looks cool. Would be fun to win.

  • Cassie Korando

    My husband would love this. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Ray Willingham

    Hey…. potential Christmas gift… and issued in August to boot! Woot! Couldn’t have made virtual shopping any easier!

  • pd reimer

    I think my hubby and my son would fight over it, but I would love to win it for them anyway!

  • Erika E

    This would be great to win! Thanks for the chance.

  • dhodge1

    Love them…wish they used some sort of space-age polymer to make them more durable! I guess this would have to be just for dad!

  • Joe Durika

    This thing looks a bit like the Avengers’ Helicarrier!

  • Brian Godfrey

    I’d love to win one of these. It looks like a lot of fun.

  • Johnny Mason

    I so need this in my life.

  • Gary Ratajczak

    My daughter would LOVE one of these!!!….. and me too…..

  • Rob Abner

    looks sweet I want it

  • Howiefly

    My grandchildren would love this!

  • Chris

    Awesome prize. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Jeff Mitchell

    This looks like a great toy. Thanks for the great review.

  • Charley Sumner

    The temptation to use this to torment my cats will be hard to resist

  • Brian Charles

    My boy would love this

  • zmalone13

    My son and i would have a blast playing w/ this Quadcopter! Thanks for giving it away!

  • Anissa

    Wow my son and husbandwould have a blast with this!

  • hochoch

    kids would flip for this!

  • Jillian Tyre

    My youngest son (5) has wanted an R/C helicopter since last Christmas. I wasn’t able to get one last year. Needless to say, it is on his list this year. And yes, he starts early. He loves everything copters. I am hoping to maybe snag one on clearance in the next few weeks as stores prepare for Christmas inventory, but I would love to win this!

  • katsrus

    My son would love this! Thanks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

  • Anthony Samples

    Love quadcopter drones!

  • Sandra Behrens

    Grandpa is gonna love this

  • Ray Young

    Looks like a cool little quadcopter.

  • Sarah S

    Thanks for the great giveaway! This looks like an amazing toy. I would love to have one, but if I win, I will probably give it to my brother for his birthday.

  • CJMoore… fun until your honey takes the controls away. Over my dying body

  • Randi S.

    Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your simple-entry giveaways? Well I do! I was just pondering what to get my son for his 15th birthday–he would sooo love this. And it’s nice because there are certain things that transcend the label “toy”, so that anyone with a shred of testosterone would love to have it, and this is one of those things! Even old men would love this so I would have no fear of my son’s friends saying, “Heh heh heh–you got a TOY for your birthday. Loser.” They would say, “Gimme, gimme, my turn, my turn!”

  • dustin

    Airhog makes better and better copters all the time. I love the competitive pricing. Great for kids.

  • dpapsis2

    Would love to win. Daddy would have to share with our little girl though ;)
    RC Name: Danielle Papsis

  • Holly Storm-Burge

    My son would have a ball with this. Thanks!

  • phil p

    looks like a blast , thanks

  • amy williams

    This is great my kids love this kind of thing and would be flipping out to try this thanks for the giveaway.

  • aaron


  • Sandy VanHoey

    You’ve done it again, brought us another amazing giveaway. You’re SUPER! Thank You

  • Granola Cowgirl

    I’d be a hero if I brought this one!

  • esluka

    With a house of boys, this wold be an awesome win! Thank you!

  • Alan duran


  • Nathan Laura Enders

    Sweet! I had an older version but it succumbed to mr three year old… Thanks for the fear review!

  • Rhonda S. Phillips-Tenderholt

    So glad u won’t be tormenting ur cat too badly w/2 copters! Wld love to c the cat doing the happy dance. My sons wld love this. Thx

  • Nathan Laura Enders

    Wonder why I didn’t get credit for my comment…

  • joe andre


  • vickiecouturier

    sounds like something my grandsons would like

  • Derrick Johnson

    I love the prize you’re offering! Now thats good stuff!

  • Clif

    Like the site so far looks like a possible good place to read reviews. I am also under the impression that users will be able to leave reviews for other users to read?

  • tweetyscute

    How much love would I get if this was in my home?

  • Ellie W

    I was going to say I’d love to win this for my husband or son. But I’m not gonna lie, I want it for myself!

  • Nathan

    That thing looks sweet! Awesome blog, thanks!

  • jason4207

    Perfect for my 11yr old son! Scared to let him fly my more advanced stuff until he has more practice. ;)

  • Erin Garmeson

    This would be fun to use with my boys :)


    Think I would give it to my son…M… (EVIL ZJ)

  • Pranay

    Mani wanted to fly this quad copter from the I saw your review

  • NotEd

    I’d like to say this would be for the kids, but I know I’d play with it more!

  • Rochel S

    Such a COOL prize! Thanks for the chance!

  • Josh

    Looks cool to me.

  • ginette4

    Great giveaway, if I win I will give it to my nephew, thank you so much

  • Jeanette Jackson

    I would love to win this for my grandson

  • LJ

    My nephew would love this!

  • Brandi Dawn

    This looks like so much fun! Win it before you can buy it, haha! Awesome.

  • Ivan H.

    Woohoo! Quadcopter giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • irma5353

    Playing with the air Hogs is like therapy……for the whole family. you can enjoy it, or just play with it yourself…

  • Barbara

    This is really NEAT! My Grandsons would go BONKERS over it!! Another great giveaway!

  • philip

    It would be cool to try and fly this gadget

  • Misfit Momma

    I had a different rc Air Hogs helicopter a couple of years ago and we had the hardest time getting it to fly without crashing it. You’ve made it look so easy with the x4!

  • Craigslistdad

    This is awesome! Would love to play with it with my two DDs :-)

  • matt

    Quads are always fun!

  • Adam

    I would very much like one of these.

  • ccarr100


  • BrYan

    What a blast my new Golden Retriever puppy would have trying to catch and fetch this…awesome and thanks for all the reviews of neat stuff :-)

  • Dennis Owen Robbins

    Love these things … bring it!!

  • Margaret Krivoshia

    My son would LOVE this!

  • Debbie Petch

    Have not heard from you in a while. Thanks!

  • pinky sade

    thank you for this! Hope i win hehe

  • Tammy

    Love to win this thank you for the contest!

  • Ann B.

    Wow, this thing even looks awesome…..the big kid in me wants to play too!

  • Melinda Peralta

    This looks awesome, would love to win it, but also can’t wait for it to hit the shelves.

  • April Spivey Adkins

    My 7 year old son would love to have this for his birthday this month.

  • Alejandro Corzo

    My son would be so happy if I win this!


    thx for the contest, good luck everyone.

  • dedStik

    Very cool.

  • Paul

    Great quad for my son!

  • Maegan Morin

    Wow that is so cool I dont know who would use it more, my husband or my son! Very awesome :D

  • Alannah Linton

    For my husband!

  • Stringrazor

    Ducted Fan design looks interesting. Watched some videos of this quad flying and it looks nice, stable yet easy to flip in a small space.

  • Lauren L. (Scully Speaks)

    My husband would love this!

  • Shahram

    I think it’s great that Air Hogs is coming out with this quad. I think it’s great for Dad’s like me that want to interest our kids in the RC hobby and give them something to fly that is safe and easy. Looks like a great product. It’s on my Christmas list for sure, for my kids, of course!

  • CammiLH

    Oh my goodness! My dd’s bday is Aug 16 and she is asking for a RC helicopter but this would be SO much better than a helicopter! She would SQUEAL!!! Would LOVE to win!! Thanks for forcing yourself to give it away .. :)

  • Kurt

    I would love to get my hands on this.

  • Kevin Linkie

    Fantastic Giveaway Thanks for the chance.
    Kevin Linkie

  • Andy Costa

    Air Hogs And Dad Does Rules. Thank You.

  • Estelle Steenbergen

    My son loves the Air Hogs toys! He’d love an upgrade to his tiny RC copter.

  • margaretsmith

    What a great prize. This would be so much fun. Thanks so much.

  • sandra davis

    my oldest son would really love this. thank you so much for the chance.!!

  • Beau Coffron

    This looks awesome my kids would love it!

  • jdnorthwest

    Okay, who doesn’t want one of these. Sure I’ll say it’s for my son. But he has to sleep sometimes. Then it is all daddy time.

  • 8aball

    I want it.

  • Jacob Leggett

    id tell you im entering for my son but hes only 2…. he’ll probably enjoying watching right?

  • Timothy J. Mummert

    My daughter would love watching me play with this!!!

  • Jenny N

    My son would love this!

  • kelly

    My kids would love this. Thanks!

  • Nena Sinclair

    Omg, this would be an awesome birthday gift for my grandson, who turns 5 in 3 weeks! I know he’s too young to use it on his own, but when he visits, I would have just as much fun playing with him or my sons would be more than willing to help him with it! I don’t know who would have more fun!!

  • tina.f

    OMG my son would so love this finally something he would come out side to play with (he has autism and does not like to come outside)

  • tina.f

    how exciting that my kids graduated high school

  • Anthony Bellio

    this si cool

  • William

    I wish everyone the best of luck!

  • Ashley Nolan

    My son would get a kick out of this!

  • Wen Budro

    Hmmm….therapy….let us explore how I really feel about that. Tell me more. Awesome giveaway and free therapy.

  • abfantom

    This would be an awesome gift for my husband. Thanks for the chance to win!

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  • valeriemabrey

    mu hubby and son would fight over wanting to play
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  • Tamar

    I hate my boss:)
    thanks for the therapy

  • tombellamy

    Thank you for the great contest.

  • diane conover

    We would have so much fun with this !Thanks for the giveaway! Also shared on twitter

  • Ela Hanson

    My son and his dog would have so much fun with this.

  • jweaver214

    I am SO offended that you would even suggest I need therapy! You’re starting to sound like my wife!

  • Tabitha Pyle

    i think our friends son would like this.
    it would make a great surprise x-mas gift.

  • Colt Utley

    cool stuff!

  • jeremy mclaughlin

    would love to win for my sons.

  • Theron Willis

    Looks like a fun toy for open fields.

    Hope to win!

  • Jeremy

    Cool – a new way for my son to torment the cat!

  • Wanda Bergman

    The best therapy I can think of right now is getting my hands on one of these

    Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt Quadcopters! LOL!!

  • Hoss

    Looks incredible!

  • Rhonda W G.

    I have hard to buy for nephews who would love this!!! Thanks for the chance….

  • Melissa Bryant

    Hope everyone is having a great summer!

  • Joe K

    Very cool prize – thanks.

  • Gia S

    Thank you for the great contest. My son would love this!

  • Ruby Daniels

    My son would love this.

  • falconer68


  • Samantha Weiss

    oh my son would absolutely love this!!!!

  • David Duplessis

    Looks great and should be fun to fly. Dad does is a great site.

  • Lisa Evanoff

    Someone please make me some brownies….love the give-away by the way

  • Christine Jessamine

    this looks like fun! My son would love this

  • Tammy H

    Looks cool!

  • JeannetteNL

    If I were to win, that would instantly make me the best Mom ever! My son would so love to have this! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Alexandra Harris

    I would love to win. I’ve had an electronic helicopter before, and it broke within one day. This quadcopter looks very durable.

  • Megan Cromes

    thanks for the giveaway!my nephews b-day is comin up he would love this ty;)

  • TJ

    Wowza what a cool prize

  • Dorothy Teel

    Wow you have a sense of humor, but I like you would think that I could really tease and teach my cats new games to play chasing this Air Hogs and probably laugh at their antics trying to catch the air hogs

  • Ronnie Owens

    I love this I want one.

  • Christina

    This thing looks so awesome!

  • AaronShaw

    Looks like a lot of fun.

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    hubby would love this – thanks

  • Jeff G

    Way cool!

  • lisalo

    My son would flip for this :o ) Thanks for the chance.

  • Dorothy Bronstein

    Like this it seems like it would be loads of fun

  • Gary Bronstein

    Would love to win this…thanks for the chance

  • ethan white

    this looks really cool ive never had a quadcopter just a havoc heli!

  • ethan white

    i hope i win!!!

  • ethan white


  • AndreaH (Andrea Hamilton)

    This looks absolutely awesome! I bet it was loads of fun doing the review on it. A very informative review too!

  • joyful

    This would be superfantasicallyawesomeness to win!

  • katie bellamy

    My hubby would Love this! :)

  • Luis Melendez

    Great site. Lets hope I can win one of these for my son. :)

  • Dawn Justice

    My son would really like this :) he just turned 8. They grow up so fast!

  • Jason

    Two boys, one quadcopter and one cat…….. I’ll get the camcorder ready!

  • Alex

    I would love to see the look on dogs’ faces as this flies around the compound.

  • Marlene V

    My son would love this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Bobbi Kilbarger

    My husband would love this!

  • Jim Bobber

    Do you know what Dad Does really does? Well, I’ll tell you. It brings me an my grandkids a ton of fun info, that’s what it does!

  • gina

    I’d really love to get this for my son.. I’m trying to put things away for christmas already even though it’s so far away. Don’t want to have to spend so much $$ at once..

  • Nathan

    My son would love this… Who am I kidding… I would love this!

  • TimboinHawaii

    This is a great site, can’t wait to see if I win something.

  • D.

    Pick me!

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  • Jillian Tyre

    My son has been asking for a remote control helicopter for two years. I wonder what he would think of this? I’m not showing him in case I do win, I’ll put it back for Christmas.

  • Andrea

    My boyfriend bought something similar to this from Brookstone. He has broken it so many times. I would love to surprise him with a toy like this!

  • Brady Wallace

    Always wanted one of these. Thanks for the chance.

  • Happi Shopr

    I so beyond want this for hubby’s birthday.

  • Debby Chandler

    cool giveaway, thanks, I’m new here so I’ll be checking in a lot more often.

  • Leila Kowalczyk

    My husband would love it.

  • Epoxy

    If I win I’ll give it to my dad, see if he still thinks these flying machines are pointless when he has one of his own to have fun with. (he probably would though as he’s a boring git :P )

  • Šimon Slávik

    Good giveaway

  • Dominik Lisowski

    I am 18 years old and have a 2,5 years old brother… I would just play outside watching him being jealous :D DD

  • mat

    That looks like fun

  • Mark Roedel

    Does look like fun. The price point is a little higher than I was wishing for (so a free one would be nice…)

    (P.S. Thanks for not making me spam my friends to enter.)

  • Dawn Monroe

    I think the grandkids would love it. Me too.

  • golden storm

    my 18 year old son would love this!!! they never grow up!!!

  • Mark

    Wow….. my own personal Drone! Hmmmmmm……. maybe I could conduct surveillance of my grandkids?

  • Andrew Quinn

    1st time commenter, long time reader ;)

    I am also the interactive marketing director for a children’s hospital in NJ and would love to present this chopper as the grand prize in our upcoming art contest.

  • Kat

    looks like a fun toy :-)

  • Susan Johnson

    I’d love to win this for my brother, who’s dad to the greatest kid ever… when he’s not working his behind off, he’s been stuck in a hospital room for weeks at a time while his 2 year old son is successfully battling stage 4 cancer. Dad and baby boy haven’t been able to enjoy warm weather and clear skies all year, because dad spends all of his time with his boy, caring for him and being by his side. Both boys would be giddy at the sight of this copter!

  • Michelle

    I am hoping and hoping and even hopping around hoping… that we win!!!! Thanks for your wonderful reviews and giveaways!! Dad Does Rocks!!

  • Lance Jones

    I want this so bad

  • jefflegg

    This would be so cool to win this for my boys! ok its not for my boys its for me!!

  • Joe Norwood

    neat site will return

  • kibbyster

    nice prize would love to win
    gabbflabber at

  • Mer

    That really does look awesome!

  • Don

    Wow looks cool like to have one fly it , then probably give it away

  • Sarah Issac

    My husband and two sons would love this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Marc

    My son would kill for one of these! Please help me stop him by letting me win.

  • Michelle Kristin Galante

    my son saw this at the toy store and just about fell over, he was so excited. would love to win this for him and i know my father in law would love to use it too

  • Glenna F

    My son would love to have this, thanks for the opportunity.

  • Tanya White

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway :)

  • tinareynolds

    my boys would go crazy for this thanks for the chance

  • Jennifer Bigerton

    My son and husband would love to win this. It would make an awesome Christmas gift if I could hide it that long lol

  • Idaho Jill

    looks fun, thanks for the chance to win.

  • Jaime Brown

    My daughter would love this, and my hubby too:), thank you:)

  • 1955nurse

    O~M~G………… my Son, Husband & grandson would FLIP over this!!! (Who am I kidding?!?!? We’d ALL love it, LOL!) Sure keeping my fingers crossed on this one, THANKS Dad Does, for the chance!

  • Andrea

    My kids would LOVE this, thanks for the chance :)

  • Jody Sisson

    My Grand Son would love this, so would my husband.

  • ardyarde

    very cool

  • Audrey Griffis

    thanks for the chance love this

  • Jayme H.

    This would be so much fun for the thhree of us to play with (hubby, kiddo, and me)! I would have to figure out how to keep the hubby from taking it to work to play with and leaving it there…

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Tara Gauthier

    My kids (and husband) would love this! Would be perfect now that we have a backyard!

  • izk

    A reason to sell my other micro RC helis as well as my Twin Vortex! It’s $100 here in Canada (Toys’r'us) but it seems worth it!

  • W Shifflette

    Hmmm, free therapy I will have to remember this site. In all seriousness I am glad I came across this site, my son loves these and we had one a tiny helo and it had a horrific accident.

  • Deb S

    Free therapy. I have two boys and two dogs and it is Saturday morning and I’m tired. This would keep all four occupied so I can rest.

  • Chantel McCutcheon

    This is the coolest!, my nephew would love this-or my hubby!

  • Gary Mason

    Wow, can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  • Dana B

    Keeping my 3 growing boys busy with play like this is a complete sanity saver! Fingers crossed on my end.

  • Mommyofone Shanna

    This is awesome! My son would love this! Thanks so much for the chance

  • manuelvizcaya

    now that looks lightweight

  • Steve Davidson

    This Quadcopter looks awesome. My son and I would have a blast with this and no broken props from hitting objects :)

  • Steph BKN

    Awesome giveaway, all crossables crossed would be a great gift for my son & husband ;)

  • rtrexel64

    I would love to win this for my son

  • james

    I want this so bad

  • Scott

    Looks like a very fun toy. My twins would love this.

  • Patti Mitchell

    Great giveaway! My grandsons would be over the moon playing with this, and I’d be the coolest Nana on the block if I were to win. Good luck, everyone.

  • Dragonsparks

    Wow Oh WOW If I don’t win it. I’ll have to buy it

  • Kory

    Cant wait to try one.

  • Paula Tavernie

    My husband would love this! Thank you!!

  • Michelle Hagewood

    My son and husband would love this! It would give them both something to do together. Thanks for the chance to win!

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com

  • Aimee

    Flying planes or air crafts is theraputic and fun fun fun!!!

  • julie murphy

    my kids would like this

  • SueSueper

    I am sure my husband an my son would love to play this this Quadcopter!

  • JoshA

    Fantastic! My cat would love chasing this thing around the house.

  • Heather Garcia

    My son loves air hogs this would make an awesome xmas present!!!

  • lazybones344

    Thanks for the chance!
    Denise S.

  • Jill Myrick

    My son would really enjoy this.

    Thank you so much for the chance.


  • dan

    love the stuff u review helps a lot!

  • Tom Steinhauer

    Good Review of an awesome product. Quadcopters are so much easeir to fly then the regular ones.

  • PixelbackWriter

    This is an awesome little thing! Can’t wait to give this thing a try, one way or another.

  • michelle hebert

    great giveaway my sons would love this if i won

  • matt lehman

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    Robby Rob

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  • melikegarfield

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  • Jennifer Cory

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