Amy & Brian Coconut Juice Review…Yes, One More Coconut Water Review!

Amy & Brian Coconut Juice

Amy & Brian Coconut Juice

Dads, Moms and kids of all ages – we are going Coco for Coconut Water. This post is the latest in our series of Coconut Water Reviews . Not sure why we are obsessed with Coconut Water? Read how Coconut Water cast an evil spell on us. Be sure to read the other coconut water reviews and prepare yourself for the Dad Does Ultimate Coconut Water Blind Taste Test coming soon!

Do not adjust your monitor – those cans say Coconut Juice not Coconut Water – crazy isn’t it?  What is the difference between Amy and Brian Natural Coconut Juice and the other Coconut Water’s we have been reviewing?  Nothing really!  Amy and Brian’s Coconut Juice is made with Young Green Coconut water, they just call it juice.

Amy & Brian Coconut Juice Take a Play from the OJ Playbook

Have you ever noticed all the types of Orange Juice you can get now.  You can now get OJ with No-Pulp, Some Pulp, Lots of Pulp and Explosive Pulp (okay – we made this one up – but would be cool).  Amy & Brian make a No Pulp Coconut Juice like everyone else, but they also make a Coconut Juice with Pulp.   For those who love the tart, Amy & Brian also make a Coconut Juice with Lime.

How Does Amy & Brian Pure Coconut Juice Taste?

By this point, we are sure our readers are very familiar with the potential health benefits of coconut water, so let’s just jump into how Amy &  Brian Coconut Juice Taste.

The focus of the tasting was the Amy & Brian Pure Coconut Juice – which contains just one ingredient – pure coconut water.

Here are the comments from our tasters:

- “Nice balanced taste”

- “Not overpowering, no strong aftertaste”

- “Drinkable!”

- “Pretty Smooth For Coconut Water”

- “Strange at first, but I want more”

- “One of the better and more consistent coconut water I have had”

As you can see the taste reviews were very positive.  Even the kids were more receptive to the Amy & Brian Coconut Water.  While most kids will still not love the taste of pure coconut water, the kids we gave it to did drink the full sample and gave it better than average ratings.

My Own Plug for the Amy & Brian Coconut Water With Pulp

In order to fairly compare coconut waters we decided to focus our reviews on only 100% pure coconut water – no other ingredients.  I will say that the Amy &  Brian Coconut Water With Pulp was my favorite!  I really liked having chunks of coconut meat in my drink (wow that sounds weird as I type it…) – it felt very tropical and it just gave the coconut water a little extra kick for me.

Conclusion on Amy & Brian Coconut Juice

What is with coconut water companies and confusing names?  It is called Amy & Brian Coconut Juice – but it is really Coconut water.  In any case, call it juice or water – our tasters called it yummy! The balanced and smooth taste of this coconut water had most of our tasters asking for more.  It looks like Amy & Brian Coconut Juice will be a tough competitor in the Dad Does Coconut Water Blind Taste Test!

UPDATEThe Dad Does Coconut Water Blind Taste Test is Done. Click to See the Results!

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