Review: The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S, Can It Make Your Life Easier?

IdeaPad 11S

Yoga 11S

Warning #1:  This Will Not Be Your Typical Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Review!
Warning #2:  Do Not Attempt What You Are About To See With Your Laptop At Home!

I always like to get my warnings out of the way, right from the start.  In case you are not familiar with the Lenovo Yoga 11S, it is an Ultrabook that can function as a laptop, tablet, touch Kiosk, video player and more.  While there have been plenty of tech reviews on the specs and features of the Yoga 11S, we wanted to focus on what is most important to Dads and Moms – can this gadget make their life easier, better or more fun in some way.

In this review we will focus on real world uses for the Yoga 11S and steer clear of overly techy debates on processors, memory and specs.  So, that explains Warning Number 1.  As for why we added Warning #2, well take a look at our video review and it will all become clear…

We Just Can’t Stop Twisting the Yoga 11S

Now it should be clear why we had to issue Warning #2.  It just feels so “dangerous” to take what looks like a regular notebook and twist the screen all the way around.  Once you start twisting the Yoga 11S, you really can’t stop!  Most important of all, the twisting of the screen is not just some parlor trick, it greatly enhances the usability of the Ultrabook.

In our household, we have found so many ways to use the Yoga 11S.  Obviously it works great as a notebook computer and it runs Windows so you can easily work with all your Office docs.  Fold it over into stand mode or tent mode and it is great for watching movies, playing games, doing a presentation, checking a recipe in the kitchen, teaching the kids and more.

Yoga 11S

The Yoga 11S even allows you to interact with it, without ever touching the screen or keyboard.  Lenovo® Motion Control lets you flip through photos & pages or rewind/fast forward music and videos with simple gestures.  The first time you flip the screen into stand mode and then start showing photos of your kids, just by waiving your hand, you really feel like you have traveled into the future.

Fold the Yoga 11S all the way flat and you have a giant, 11″ tablet.  We found this very useful for projects around the house – such as searching how to unclog a drain and then watching the video while looking at our actual drain.  Yes, that is what my life has become…getting excited to watch videos on how to unclog a drain!  I guess that is a true testament to great design, when it can make the most boring tasks a little more exciting.

IdeaPad 11S

The Quick Specs on The Yoga 11S IdeaPad

As we stated, we are not going to spend too much time debating all the specs on the Yoga 11S, we are much more concerned with how it impacts our day to day life.  Still, just to give a point of reference, here are the key features –

  • A unique dual-hinge design allows for 360 degree rotation and four different usage models
  • Powerful performance with up to 3rd Generation Intel® Corei5 processors (up to i7 worldwide)
  • Enhanced user experience with Dolby Home Theater v4, HD Screen with IPS technology, and 10-finger multi touch technology
  • Lenovo® Motion Control lets you flip through photos and pages or rewind/fast forward music and videos with simple gestures
  • Up to Windows 8 Pro

And the more details tech specs –

Yoga 11S Specs

A Keyboard For Your Tablet or a Tablet For Your Keyboard?

The Apple iPad is a fantastic tablet.  We have an iPad and it gets plenty of use in our house.  Whenever we get a new “tablet like” gadget in to review, the question is always, does it offer something the iPad does not?  With the Yoga 11S, the answer is an absolute yes!

The design of the Yoga 11S just makes it so easy to serve many more purposes than a standard tablet.  Of course the keyboard makes it more like a notebook, which makes creating content much easier.  The ability to stand up the screen makes it a great way to show movies, photos or share presentations.  Yes, you could buy a stand and a keyboard for the iPad, find ways to open Microsoft docs, fiddle with additional cables and devices to give you USB and HDMI ports..but really, who is going to do all that?

The real beauty of the Yoga 11S is that the design makes it so easy to use the device in countless ways.  No adapters to keep track of, no keyboards to snap in and configured – all it takes is a twist, and it almost feels like magic.

Who Should NOT Get The Yoga 11S IdeaPad?

Clearly we have been very pleased with the Yoga 11S and it serves numerous helpful functions in our household.  If you are in the market for a lightweight laptop that can also serve as a table and presentation device, you will be hard pressed to find something better than the Yoga 11S.  We do understand that not all gadgets work as well in all settings.  If you are in the market for drop dead simple and lightweight tablet – the Yoga 11S is probably not the right machine for you.  A device like the iPad mini is lightweight, very portable and incredibly simple to use.  If all you need is a simple to use tablet, there are other gadgets that will fill this role.

Our Not In Fine Print Disclaimer, We are Part of The IN Crowd

All throughout high school I had this master plan to become part of the IN crowd.  Well, the plan took a little longer to develop than initially projected, but check me out now all you cool 16 year olds – I am in the IN Crowd.  Of course by IN, I mean the Lenovo Influencers Network or Lenovo IN for short.  You know a group is cool when they have their own logo –

Lenovo IN Logo

So, what exactly is Lenovo IN?  Basically, Lenovo is providing us access to some cool products, events and opportunities and we are writing up our honest experience with their products and brand.  We are not financially compensated by Lenovo and all views expressed are our own.  We did receive a Yoga 11S to do this review and we will be sure to disclose whenever we receive a product, as we believe you have a right to know.

Enough about us, how does any of this help you!  Well, first we will be able to provide much more in depth coverage and reviews of Lenovo products.  Secondly, while we can’t say anything right now, the possibility of doing some great giveaways on Lenovo products is very strong.  You might want to start putting on your lucky socks, pick some four leaf clovers and begin methodically rubbing your rabbit’s foot…

Conclusion: The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Proves That Not All Great Designs Come From Apple

Ask anyone to name a company that comes to mind when you say “well designed tablets and computers” and the word Apple will come tumbling out of their mouth.  However, once you spend some time with the Lenovo Yoga 11S IdeaPad you start to see that Apple no longer has a monopoly on well designed tablets and computers.

As we stated, the mark of a good product is one that makes a parent’s life a little easier, better or more fun in some way.  The Yoga 11S achieves the trifecta! Everything from consuming information, creating content, playing and interacting is made better by having a device that can instantly transform from a laptop to a display device to a tablet.  It almost makes me want to take up Yoga…almost…

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The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Starts At a Retail of $749

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