A Farmer’s Market For Gadgets? Say Hello To Grand St.

Grand ST

Grand ST

You want fresh food, you go to a Farmer’s Market.  But what if you want fresh gadgets?  Then you need to go to Grand St.  Come on, did you really think you were going to find the PIXEL LED Art

Pixel ART Frame

at BestBuy? No, in this new world of crowdsourced everything, not all consumer electronics are mass produced anymore.  What happens to all those cool, but niche, gadgets and gizmos on Kickstarter that get their funding?  Most will never make it onto the shelves of Best Buy, but now they can make it into Grand St.

Silly Me, I Thought Grand St. Was a Street in NYC

Last I knew, Grand Street was a street in lower Manhattan.  While I sit in Manhattan writing this, there is no way I could go to Grand Street today.  It is once again 100 degrees in the city, so there is no way I am stepping out of this air conditioned office!   Ah, but Grand St. is a new website, and since it can be accessed without stepping out onto the surface of the sun the streets of NYC, I decided to check it out.

Here is What Grand St Is -

“Grand St. is a curated shop for creative technology. We hand pick, test, and highlight well-designed, delightful hardware from independent producers, featuring one new selection every other day. With stunning pictures and product stories created in-house by our discerning, device-obsessed team, we help you experience new technology that improves your life. All products purchased on Grand St. are shipped from our own warehouse, so you’ll receive your order in just a few days.”

Get That Gadget Before It’s Gone!

I spent some time at Grand St. and it clearly was a huge mistake.  I mean, now I am tormented – do I get the Andru


Do I need it?  Not sure, but if I don’t get it today it will be gone from Grand St. by tomorrow.

This is the brillance of Grand St. – they have featured selections that change on a regular basis.  Get that unique gadget you don’t need now, because it may be gone tomorrow.  Luckily, you are not overwhelmed with endless gadgets, but rather given a curated list of some of the hippest and off beat gadgets.  Not into the impulse buys? They do have a Grand St Collection which is a selection of their favorite items that is always available.

Charge My iPhone While I Make Tea – I NEED That!

Pot Charge

How cool is the PowerPot Charger?  Convert fire into power for my iPhone…I’d like to see a caveman do that! Okay, must stop – need to get work done…

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