Going High Tech To Fight An Ancient Problem – Rodents!

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Pro

I have no problem with cute little mice who prance across an open field.  If a mouse wants to star in his own cartoon and start an entertainment empire – more powder to the little fury creature.  Unfortunately the majority of mice I have come across in my life are grungy, disease carrying rodents who seem intent into turning my kitchen into their home.  This, I have a problem with.

The Question That Keeps Me Up At Night…

Some nights I can’t get to sleep – I am just too busy mentally debating one of the great philosophical questions of our time.  Which is more annoying, mice or mosquitoes? My hatred of Mosquitoes is well documented in this Open Letter to Mosquitoes and my thoughts on the Mosquito Magnet.  I believe my hatred for mice comes from growing up in NYC.  The mice you find in a NYC apartment are some of the nastiest looking rodents you will ever see.  Of course, once you see a mouse you immediately wonder, “Holy Crap – maybe that was a rat!”  After that, you sleep with one eye open…but maybe not anymore…

Victor Goes High Tech To Rid Your House of Mice

Yep, we all know Victor.  The company that makes all those nasty snap traps.  Perhaps the only thing worse than having a mouse in your house is having to dispose of a decapitated mouse caught in a snap trap.  Yikes!  Luckily, Victor has recently come out with some high tech gadgets to deal with the nasty rodents, in a much less disgusting manner.  Let’s take a look at what’s new from Victor –

Victor Ultra PestChaser – Like Fingernails On a Chalkboard For Mice

Victor Ultra PestChaser

That awesome thing you see above is the Victor Ultra PestChaser.  The device plugs into an AC outlet and then uses its three speakers to send out high frequency sound waves, in a non-repetitive pattern, to repel rodents and prevent them from invading your home. With over 80 oscillations per second, PestChasers® use a jackhammer-like sound to create intense auditory stress  for rodents.

Intense Auditory Stress for Rodents??? That is music to my ears!  Actually, it is nothing to my ears, since humans can not hear the sounds coming out of the Pest Chaser.  There is an optional red LED light you can turn on – doesn’t really do much, but looks cool.

UltraSonic Pest Chaser from Victor

The device is very simple, plug it in and forget it.  Here is some more info on how it works…

PestChaser® Technology: How exactly does it work? By sending out high-frequency ultrasound that the pests find very distressing, the PestChaser® “encourages” them to flee the scene. To the rodents, the ultrasonic sound devices are loud and stress-inducing, while undetectable to the human ear. To keep rodents from becoming accustomed to the noise, the Victor® PestChaser® varies the volumes and frequencies it emits.”

We have seen cheaper sound emitters, but we really like that the Victor PestChaser has three speakers, so it provides 180 degree protection.  You do want to postion it somewhere where the speakers are not blocked, as the soundwaves will not travel through walls or solid objects.

If the PestChaser Doesn’t Keep Them Out, Trap Them With The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Pro

I believe mice have a right to live – just not in my house.  So, first I try to encourage them to leave with the PestChaser, but if they insist on staying, time to pull out the big guns – The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Pro

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Pro

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Pro

“The latest innovation in electronic rodent control, the Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap PRO delivers a high-voltage shock to eliminate up to 3 mice per setting.  The trap has the ability to eliminate a small rodent problem in just 1 night.

Easy to use, the trap is simply baited, placed against the wall and turned on. The trap uses advanced smart circuit technology to sense when a rodent enters the units. Once the rodent is inside, the system delivers a humane, high-voltage shock to effectively kill up to 3 mice. If only 1 mouse is caught, the trap will reset automatically, ready to kill another.”

I know, electrocuting mice – that is a nasty business.  On the other hand,  catching mice on glue boards or snap traps is even worse.  There are a couple of advantages to the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Pro.  First, you can catch multiple mice (up to 3 mice per night).  Second, disposal is an easy no-touch situation.  A green light blinks for up to 7 days when the trap has caught a mouse.  Simply open the trap and dump the dead mouse.  We also like that 4 AA batteries will last for up to 100 kills…and if you need more than 100 kills, well, buying more batteries is really the least of your problems.

We are all Moms and Dads here, so you probably had the same concern as us – what if the kids somehow start touching this thing – will they get shocked?  Nope, Victor built in a safety feature where if the trap is opened, the shock feature is shut off.  Due to the tunnel design of the trap, kids will not be able to reach the shock plate inside unless they open the trap.

Do The Victor Rodent Products Work?

Knock on wood, but since we put down the Victor Ultrasonic PestChaser we have not seen any mice.  So, it does appear the PestChaser is forcing mice to find somewhere else to live.  Due to the effectiveness of the PestChaser, we can’t give you our hands-on experience with the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Pro.  In theory it all sounds great and is easy to set, but luckily we have not had to electrocute any mice.

Conclusion:  A High Tech, Humane System For Rodent Control

The Victor Ultrasonic PestChaser and Electronic Mouse Trap Pro provide the humane system for rodent control.  I have no interest in killing every mouse in the world  (mosquitoes? yep, kill them all), I just don’t want to co-exist with them in my house.  So, the Victor Ultrasonic PestChaser is my “warning shot”.  Move it along mouse and no one gets hurt.  If after that, the mouse decides he wants to battle me for control of the kitchen, well, then he has to deal with the consequences of the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Pro.

If I start to see mice in my house wearing earplugs and rubber insulated shoes, then game over – the rodents win…well played my little fury nemesis.

More Information:

Victor Ultrasonic PestChaser (M793) Retails for $59.99

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Pro (M250PRO) Retails for $31.99

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