The Problem With Product Review Blogs, A Secret Look Behind The Curtain…

Product Review Bloggers

Product Review Bloggers

Here at Dad Does, we suffer from an identity crisis.  Yes, most of the writers are Dads (but we do have some Moms) and we tend to write about things that involve the family – so we must be Dad Bloggers.  Hold the phone, our focus is really doing real world product reviews – so clearly we are actually product review bloggers.  Oh man, we have a personality disorder, who are we?  What is real anyway?  Why am I suddenly crying and entering the fetal position…

Is A Honest Product Review Blog An Oxymoron?

Okay, just did some deep breathing and affirmations and starting to come back.  In truth, more than a Dad Blog, this really is a Product Review Blog.  The problem is, product review blogs are starting to have an approval ratings just slightly higher than Congress…and for good reason.  We have noticed a very disturbing trend in the blogging world – bloggers who review products, without ever touching the product.

There we said it.  The cat is out of the bag.  The curtain has been pulled.  We are now all getting new names, entering the witness relocation program and looking at some find real estate in Wyoming.  Personally, I am going with the persona of Joe Smith, a turtle farmer from Detroit – just looking for a peaceful place to write my memoirs.

But wait you say, Joe Smith, before you go, do tell how can a blog review a product without ever touching it?  Let’s spill the insider beans…

Who Needs The Product, We Got the Press Release

All day, everyday, we get press releases about interesting sounding products, gadgets, toys, gizmos, foods, drinks…you get the idea.  Here at Dad Does, that is step one – find out about a product.  Step 2 is get the product.  Step 3 is test and review the product in a real world setting for a few weeks.  Step 4 is create a video review for our YouTube Channel showing the product in action.  Step 5 is write up a full review of the product on Dad Does, going over the Pros and Cons.  It takes time, but we felt this was the only way to run a product review blog.  Turns out, there is another approach…

Some product review blogs go from Step 1 right to Step 5.  They write up a review based on the press release.  It is fast.  It is easy.  If done right, it can even be funny and entertaining.  What it is NOT is a useful and objective product review.  How can you run a product review blog when you never actually review any products?  Hey, I have an idea, let’s just give these sites a more accurate name – Press Release Review Blogs! After all, they are just reviewing the press release.

How Can You Tell Product Review Sites From Press Release Review Sites?

Okay, so now you know the dirty secret of the product review blog industry, but how can you tell which blogs do Product Reviews and which do Press Release Reviews.  What you want to do is look for evidence that the blogger actually got their hands on the product.  The best evidence?  Videos and photos.

Let’s use our blog as an example.  Words are cheap, maybe we are lying, maybe you suspect we are just a Press Release Review blog.  If so, just hop over to the Dad Does Product Review YouTube Channel.  You will see hundreds of videos where we are actually testing out everything we review.  Or just read any of the reviews on our site and look for the video in the review which shows us testing the product.

Is Dad Does the only honest product review blog?  Absolutely not.  Just apply the above test to other product review blogs, looks for videos and photos of the products being tested and you will find other quality review sites.  Unfortunately, you will also find plenty of blogs with great press release images and funny headlines, but no proof the author every touched the product they are reviewing.

Excuse Us, Time To Go Play With More Toys

In every corner of this office are potentially hot holiday toys for 2013, just crying to be played with…who are we to deny these toys?  As we play with and review the toys, you can be sure we will post video reviews to our Toy Reviews section on YouTube.   Yes, it takes time and not every toy or gadget is a winner, but if you are going to be a product review blogger, seems like reviewing products is a step you just can’t skip!

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