We Hit 7 Million Views on YouTube, Even With Cedric The Non-Entertainer Cat

7 Million Views

I thought we had it made in the shade.  As many of our readers know, we have a Dad Does YouTube Channel we are actively growing.  As far less readers know, we also have a cat named Cedric –

Cedric The Cat Who Does Not Play Piano

Yeah, like Cedric The Entertainer.  Oh, this is gonna be big, a cat named Cedric, a growing YouTube Channel – we figured it was only a matter of time before we passed the 30 million views that this keyboard playing cat gets…

Then, We Got The News, Cedric is Entertainment Challenged

We have traveled the world and consulted with the best Cat Whisperers in the world…they are all in agreement, Cedric will never play piano, or jump in a tub, or dress up like Santa, or tap dance.  It turns out that Cedric’s idea of entertainment is licking himself.  Great, how will we ever get people to watch our YouTube Channel now?

Plan B – Honest, Real World Product Reviews – So Crazy It Just Might Work

After weeks of therapy to deal with Cedric’s lack of entertainment value, we came up with a crazy plan B.  We could do honest, real world product review videos of toys, gadgets, travel gear and more – all from a parent’s perspective.  We are happy to say that this plan has just pushed us past the 7 million view mark –

7 Million Views

If Only Those 7 Million Views Were McDonalds Coupons

7 million views is great, but what is the cash value of those views?  I believe the value is Infinity…times Zero.  But just imagine if we had 7 million McDonalds coupons instead of video views…let me explain…

As a kid I had this incredible plan.  We would get all these McDonalds coupons we would never use, but way down at the bottom in small print it said “Cash Value 1/20 of a cent”.  Look they still have them…


The problem was, at 1/20 of a cent, the 50 or so coupons we thought “was a ton” was only worth 2.5 cents.  Now, just think if we could get a coupon for each video view – let’s see 7 million views, at 1/20 of a cent each, that translates into $3,500.  Wow, that would have bought a lot of Atari 2600 games back in my day!

Seriously, Thanks For Watching

All joking aside, it means so much to us that you are watching our videos.  Not one of the 7 million yet?  Check out our playlists on Top Toy Reviews for 2013, Best RC (Remote Control) Toys and Top Outdoor Toys for 2013 .  Have something you would like to see us review on our YouTube Channel, please leave us a comment below and we will do our best to get it done.  One thing, don’t ask us to review keyboards for cats…that is just pouring salt into an open wound.

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