Kodak PlaySport Review Revisited – Major Issues Still Unresolved

Kodak PlaySport Zx3 Video Camera

Kodak PlaySport Zx3 Video Camera

Back on October 4, 2010 we wrote a ridiculously long and detailed review of the Kodak PlaySport Zx3 Waterproof video camera.   Dads, if you are thinking about buying the Kodak PlaySport camera to shot some footage of the kids, we strongly recommend you read our review.  Go ahead, read the review of the Kodak Playsport – we will wait…

Simply Put, We Had Major Problems With the Kodak PlaySport Camera

As we pointed out in our hands on review, we had major issues with the sound and audio features on the PlaySport.   We believed their was a design flaw with the mic on the camera that caused serious audio problems whenever the camera got wet – which is a major problem in an underwater camera!  In the end we rated the Kodak PlaySport only 2 D’s out of 5 (Falls Short).

Two Months Later – The Kodak PlaySport Revisited – Any Improvements?

As we keep telling you, here at Dad Does we do things differently – especially when it comes to product reviews for parents!  We believe that a review is not a static thing, as we continue to live with and use products, we will post updates about how the product is working.  Unfortunately, in the case of the Kodak PlaySport Zx3 it is simply not working!

In addition to the audio problems reported in our first review we have had new issues with the camera.   We have had two instances where the camera just got locked in record mode and could not be stopped.  This might not sound bad, except for the fact that because the camera never “stopped” it never wrote the file to the memory card.   So, while we thought we were filming the kids for about 10 minutes – NOTHING WAS RECORDED!

As a Dad, it is just not acceptable for a camera to have its red record light on, look like it is recording and then only when you hit stop you find out you missed it all.  Imagine you are filming your kids ball game and then you go to stop and it turns out you missed the whole game.

No Response From Kodak on Our Issues

When we posted the initial review of the PlaySport a representative from Kodak posted a comment and emailed us saying she would look into the audio and sound issues.  She never did provide any updates.  We have emailed her numerous times asking for an update, but to date, there has been no further response from Kodak.

Why Are We Picking on Kodak?  Do We Have An Axe to Grind?

We actually really like Kodak as a company and have always had good success with their products and look forward to having good results with future Kodak products.  We are not trying to single out Kodak or the PlaySport, we just believe in providing follow up reviews to products as we live with them.  Our hope is that products that did not receive a favorable review in the first pass, may improve in the future.  This has not been the case yet with the PlaySport.

Dad Does Consumer Electronics Show 2011

In an effort to find some great electronic gadgets that Dads and Moms can really enjoy – we are heading out to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January.   Isn’t it incredible the sacrifices we make for you?  Seriously, we hope to find some cool products to review that can make Dads and Moms life better and more fun.  Who knows, maybe Kodak will have an incredible waterproof camera that just blows us away! You can’t blame a Dad for dreaming.  Stay tuned!

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