Does A $99 App Really End Chronic Pain? Who Knows, But It is Free Today!


iTherapy SmartCure

We will make this quick…

In our never ending quest to find you the coolest gadgets we are attending CE Week in NYC.  The Consumer Electronics show features some of the newest and cutting edge stuff in consumer electronics…really, the torture we put ourselves through for you is just incredible :)  Anyway, lots of cool stuff we will talk about later, but one timely piece of info we wanted to get out to you…

End All Your Pain, for Free, With iTherapy SmartCure

Let me slightly disclaim the above headline with this…we have absolutely no idea if that headline is even remotely true.   iTherapy SmartCure is an iPhone and Android app that claims to turn your smartphone into a medical device using vibro-acoustic stimulation of reflex points on the ear.  Simply think of it as acupuncture, without the needles or the visit to the acupuncturist.   Pick the pain you have, hold the headphones up to your ear and in a few minutes be pain free…again that the claim.

Check For Yourself if This Works, Free Until 6/28/13

I know this all sounds crazy and yes we will test this out, but you should too.  The app is normally $99, but for CE Week it is free until Friday 6/28/13.  So we recommend you jump over and get the app, because who knows, it could work and if not, the price is right!  We are testing out iTherapy SmartCure, but it would suck to have to spend $99 on something next week that you could have for free today.

One quick tip we got from the founder of the company.  You want earbuds that go down to 10 Hz.  He recommends the JVC Marshmallow HAFX30B which cost all of $9.95 at Walmart (also available on Amazon).

More Information:

Visit the iTherapy SmartCure Site $99, but free until 6/28/13

Download for Android or Apple


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