ThinkFun Laser Maze Review, Can Lasers Make Logic More Lovely?

Laser Maze

Laser Maze

There are certain things that make anything better… for example, caramelized onions.  Slap some caramelized onions on anything and the awesomeness of the food goes up by 100%.  Yep, if you are making a list of top three things that make other things better you have to go with caramelized onions, sea salt and lasers.

Yes, We Said The L Word – LASERS

Come on, what is not to love about lasers?  Lasers can burn a hole through something, scan your eye to see if you are an evil cyborg, drive cats completely insane and make doing logic puzzles more fun.  Okay, that last one we are going to need to put to the test.  The fine folks at Thinkfun have just created Laser Maze,a mind challenging logic game that claims to bump up the fun quotient.

Let’s Take a Look At Our Video Review of Laser Maze by Thinkfun…

Laser Maze Starts Easy But Prepare To Put Your Brain In Overdrive

From the video, it can be hard to tell how challenging Laser Maze is.  The game is rated for kids ages 8 and up, and yes, the first few Beginners cards are easy.  Once you start getting up to cards 10 and higher, things get more challenging.  If you want to attempt the Expert cards in the 50’s, you will see that Laser Maze is a VERY challenging logic game.

Luckily, because of the 60 different cards, rated for different levels, kids of all skill levels can play the game and still have fun.  Sure, this maze logic game could be done without a laser, but it just would not have the same payoff.  It almost feels like a gameshow when you hit the laser button and wait to see if all the targets will light up.  The kids really got excited when they saw the red targets glowing, confirming that they had solved the card challenge.

Parents Deserve More Educational, Fun and Silent One Player Games

Moms and Dads do enough.  Sometimes we just need a break and want the kids to quietly play a game.  If we are looking for a game that our child can play by themselves, there is not a huge selection of quality and fun one player games.  Eliminate all the one player games that endlessly beep and play music and the list of quality one player games gets even smaller.

Thankfully, Laser Maze is the rare one player game that is fun, educational and silent! No bells or alarms when you hit your target, just the satisfying glow of a red laser finding its targets.

Conclusion:  Yes, Lasers Do Make Logic Games More Fun

Tell the kids you got them an educational logic game and you might get some blank stares…that is if they even look up from their iPads.  On the other hands, tell them you got them a game with lasers, beam splitters and targets and you will get a much more exited response.  Thinkfun has done an excellent job of introducing fun, physics and technology into a traditional maze game.  If your kids like maze and logic games, but need a high tech push to get them going, Laser Maze from Thinkfun is the perfect choice.

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