Welcome Back Mike and Sulley! Monsters University Launches and The Toys Pour In!

Monsters University Toxic Race Playset

There has been a void in my life and I am man enough to admit it.  For 12 years, 3 Olympics and 3 Presidential Elections I have been suffering from Mike and Sulley withdrawal.   Amazingly, Monsters Inc came out before my oldest son was born!  Well, I will have to wait until later tonight to finally see Mike and Sulley back on the big screen in Monsters University, but the kids can already start experiencing the fun of the big furry monsters with a slew of new Monsters University Toys!

Spin Master Whips Up Monster Fun For All Ages

We fully expect there to be a rash of Monster fever with the release of Monsters University, so to help Moms and Dads sort through the toys, we have created a video review of some of the new Monsters University toys from Spinmaster.

Please watch this Video Review of My Scare Pal Sulley, Who’s Behind The Door, Roll A Scare and Look A Likes -

My Scare Pal Sulley, I Dare You Not to Smile

My Scare Pal Sulley

I double dog dare you to look at My Scare Pal Sulley and not smile.  This is by far our favorite Monsters University toy.  It perfectly captures how Sulley can be a big monster, with funky teeth and yet be completely friendly and funny.  We love how the eyebrows move when you squeeze Sulley and kids will love the three different play modes.  If your kids like Monsters University and are into adorable plush toys, you need to get them My Scare Pal Sulley from SpinMaster.

Monsters University Who’s Behind The Door, The Fun Way to Ask Questions

Who's Behind The Door Monsters University

We are not going to pretend that Monsters University Who’s Behind The Door is a new idea.  These types of games, where you ask questions and then try to guess at the end of the game have been around for ages.  Still, this one is well done and if your kids are into Monsters University, they will have a blast playing this game.  As a bonus it teaches observation and question asking skills.

Monsters University Look A Likes, Matching With Monsters

Look A Likes

It’s a matching game…with Monsters.  Need we say more?  The video pretty much shows it all – nothing new here in terms of gameplay, but matching games are always fun and matching monsters is even more fun!

Monsters University Toxic Race Playset, Simple Rolling Fun

Monsters University Toxic Race Playset

The Toxic Race Playset is a simple, but fun playset for the younger Monsters fans.  Simply roll your Monster down the track and see him pop up at the end.  You can collect different monsters and race and crash them on the track.  Again, nothing revolutionary, but a cute Monsters University Toy for the young fans.

Time To Go Catch Some Monsters University Fever

Talking about Monsters University toys is fine, but now it is time to see my favorite Monsters on the big screen.  Maybe I will bring My Scare Pal Sulley, just to hug, in case I get scared.

More Information:

My Scare Pal Sulley Sells For About $30 on Amazon.Com

Monsters University Who’s Behind The Door Sells for $25 on Amazon.Com

Monsters University Look-A-Likes Matching Game Sells for $15 on Amazon.Com

Monsters University Toxic Race Playset Sells for $20 on Amazon.Com

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