Father’s Day Is Done, Time To Review The Best Toys for Summer 2013

Best and Top Summer Toys for 2013

We hope everyone had an incredible Father’s Day, but we just can’t live in the past here at Dad Does.  Father’s Day was yesterday, we need to look forward, and even if your aging eyes are not what they used to be, it is easy to see that Summer 2013 starts this week.  Summer is a time of play…if you can get the kids out of the house.  90 degree temperatures and the kids staying inside playing video games does not make for a happy family, so to help you maintain some sanity this summer we present –

The Best Summer Toys for 2013

A Living Guide For Kids of All Ages

Hop on over to our Top Summer Toys for 2013 article and you will find a great collection of toys and games that are sure to have the kids playing outside until the sun goes down.  You will also notice that we use the term “kids” very loosely.  We define kids as any person, ages 2-200, who likes to have fun.  So yes, we will have some cool gadgets for the big kids as well.

The Summer is just too awesome to have a stagnant, stale guide to great outdoor toys.  No, Summer deserves a living, breathing and constantly changing guide to the best ways to have fun.  It is for this reason we have shocked the Best Outdoor Toys for 2013 Guide to life! Fine, maybe the guide is not quite as alive as you or me, but we will be updating it on a regular basis all summer long, so be sure to favorite it and check back for new additions.

Don’t Like Reading (It Is Summer After All)…

It is summer and maybe you are tired of reading.  Fear not, we have you covered.  Just check out our Best Outdoor Toys video playlist and watch reviews of all of our favorite summer toys.  Your choice, grab some popcorn and watch the video reviews of outdoor toys or sit bask and let the wordy version of the best outdoor toys wash over your body.  Either way, find out about the best summer toys and then shut off the computer and get outside and have some fun!

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Guide to the Best Summer Toys for 2013

Video Reviews of the Best Summer Toys for 2013

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