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Father's Day Gift Guide 2012

Can you sense it?  Can you feel it in the air?  It is so close you can almost reach out and grab it…yet it remains elusive until 6/16/2013.  We are of course talking about FATHER’S DAY!

Yep, set a reminder on your iPhone, dig out one of those paper calendars banks used to give away…when there were still local banks… and put a giant red circle around June 16th, 2013. For it is this very beautiful Sunday in June when the world seems to stop and Dads everywhere are treated like royalty.  Birds sing, siblings magically get along, every broken thing in the house suddenly starts to work.  There is only one thing that could break the bliss that is Father’s Day….

No Damn Ties!

We have seen a lot in our years, but the one thing we have never seen is a Dad who wears a tie for pure pleasure.   Does Dad ever come home from work and say, “Let me just slip into a comfy tie and relax.” Of course not, because ties represent working for the man and do a great job of simulating what it is like to be lightly choked all day.  And don’t even get me started on how dangerous it is to walk by a turbine engine with vacuum powers… that tie is getting sucked right in, with you on the other end.  So, let’s set one simple ground rule for Father’s Day – YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GIVE DAD A TIE!

Presenting The Dad Does Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2013

We are Dad Does, so by the sheer power of our name we does (okay, maybe do) things. If we can do just one thing this year it would be to make sure no Dad gets a boring tie for Father’s Day! If we could do two thing, the other thing would be world peace, but hold us to one thing and we gotta go with the no ties for Father’s Day thing.

So, what should you get Dad?  Something fun, wacky, entertaining and completely impractical if you want.  Dad can buy himself a tie and socks any day of the week, for Father’s Day get Dad something he would not necessarily think to get himself.  Still stumped for ideas?  Well, we got you back, here are some of the top Father’s Day Gift Ideas –

The Perfect Way To Make Dad Work For His Bacon

Man Crates

Bacon Man Crate

Last year we loved Man Crates – the gift Dad has to open with a crowbar.  Yes, Man Crates are like awesome gift baskets for men…but instead of a basket you get a sealed wooden crate that needs to be pried open with a crowbar.  Man Crates come packed with things like Beef Jerky, Classic Video Games, Booze, Candy and new for this year – BACON! Skip the bows, ribbons and wrapping paper this year and go with a Man Crate!

Full Review (and video) of Man Crates – The Gift Basket for Men

Full Review (and video) of the Brand New BACON Man Crate

Price $50 – $95.

Best Way To Make Dad a Hero…A Neighborhood Hero

Epson Home Cinema 500

Epson Cinema 500

You know Dad is a hero, but does the rest of the neighborhood know of his heroics?  They certainly will once you get him the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 500 3LCD Projector. The Home Cinema 500 pumps out 2,600 lumens of color brightness and 2,600 lumens of white brightness for a punchy picture on screens up to 300-inches.  What does this mean?  Dad can host some awesome backyard movie nights and quickly become known in the neighborhood as the coolest Dad with the neatest toys.

Initial Review Of The Epson Home Cinema 500.  Learn More About the Epson Cinema 500

Price $379.

Best Gift For An iPhone Loving, Robot Wanting Dad

Romo Robot

Romo Robot

As amazing as the iPhone is, it just sits there.  I mean come on, if your iPhone is across the room, you actually need to walk over and pick it up…how 2012 is that?  Time to give your iPhone some wheels and turn your smart phone into a genius phone with the Romo iPhone Robot. Plug your iPhone into the Romo base and suddenly you have a remote controlled robot that can send and receive video, photos and sound.  Dad in China but little Timmy wants to show him his new dance move?  Dad can take control of Romo via any web browser and remotely move, see and talk through Romo.  The future has arrived!

Full Review (and video) of the Romo Robot

Price $150.

Best Gift To Make Dad Feel Young Again

Bowflex UpperCut

Bowflex UpperCut

Remember before kids, when you had time to go the gym and maybe even get in a great workout?  Neither do I.  However, I do have some memory of working out and feeling young and vibrant.  Well, Dad may not have time to get the gym much anymore, so why not bring the gym to Dad.  The Bowflex UpperCut is a great workout machine that will not break the bank, but it will have Dad breaking a sweat.  If Dad longs to workout and get that young, upper body back, get him the Bowflex UpperCut.

Full Review (and video) of the Bowflex UpperCut

Price $99.

Perfect Gift For the Coffee and Music Loving Dad

Vibe Cup

Vibe Cup

At first glance the Vibe Cup looks like a normal coffee mug, but then you spin the handle and notice there is something strange about this cup.  Play some tunes on your cell phone and drop it into the Vibe Cup and suddenly your ears are bombarded with loud, clear sound!  The Vibe Cup is actually an external speaker for any cell phone and requires no batteries, power or cables.  One tip, make sure you finish drinking your coffee before you drop your phone into the Vibe Cup.

Full Review (and video) of the Vibe Cup

Price: $14.95

The Top Gift For The Football Loving, Tailgating Dad Who Has It All

The Footballer

The Footballer, Football Bottle Opener

What do you get the Football loving, tailgating Dad who has it all?  Well, I bet he doesn’t have a mini football that is also a bottle opener. The Footballer is a cool bottle opener that comes in the shape of an official football, right down to the the look and feel of the laces and pigskin.  Get Dad a Footballer with his favorite team on it and let him proudly display it on the fridge (thanks to the built in magnet).

Full Review (and video) of The Footballer

Price $12.99.

Perfect Way to Get Dad The Car of His Dreams, And Still Put The Kids Through College



Many Dads have dreams about getting a a fully customized and tricked out sports car, unfortunately the car just exists in that dream state.  This Father’s Day you can make that dream come true…sort of. Ridemakerz allow you to fully customize a car online, build your ultimate dream car and then have it delivered right to your door.  Sure, the cars, like the super cool Iron Man 3 car pictured above are 1:18 scale, but they still look awesome.   Want to turn building a car into a Father and Son/Daughter activity? Just visit one of the Ridemakerz stores and the kids can use safe power tools to assemble your dream car.  Yes, Ridemakerz is geared more for kids, but who says Dads can’t play with toy cars too!

See Our Video Review of the Iron Man Ridemakerz and Visit Ridemakerz to Learn More

Price $30 and Up.

Best Way To Snap Dad Out of The Dead Zone

D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender

D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender

No, we are not talking about the Dead Zone Dad gets into after staying up all night with sick kids and then watching his 15th episode of Barney…nothing can help him with that.  On the other hand, if your house has Wi-Fi dead zones, those pesky areas where Dad can’t pull in enough bandwidth to watch ESPN on his iPad, you can easily eliminate the dead zones with the D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender.  A true plug and play gadget, you plug it in and then Dad gets to play anywhere as the whole house is covered in Wi-Fi goodness.

Full Review (and video) of the D-Link DAP-1320 Wireless Range Extender

Price $49

Perfect Gift For The Language Challenged Traveling Dad

WorldPenScan BT
WorldPenScan BT Review

Me llamo Dan” there you go, that is pretty much all I can remember from 3 years of Spanish.  Strangely, knowing that phrase doesn’t really get me far when I am traveling abroad.  Luckily language challenged Dads like me can use the WorldPenScan BT to compensate for our pathetic language skills.   Simply move the bluetooth scanner pen across a menu, book, newspaper or document and watch with amazement as the translated text appears on your Android phone or computer.  With the ability to translate over 200 languages, Dad will be able to travel to all corners of the planet with the WorldPenScan BT.

Full Review (and video) of the WorldPenScan BT

Price $144.

Stay Tuned Much More To Come!

Father’s Day is just too important to have a stagnant Father’s Day Gift Guide. Please bookmark this page and check back soon as we are adding new products and reviews on a regular basis!

Can’t Wait and Want More Ideas?  Check out Our Father’s Day Gift Guide from 2012.  We had some really fun ideas last year!

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