Know Why a Kid Needs A Dad? Because Toys Break and Batteries Need Changing

dad with tools

Dads are very important people –  but you already knew that.  What you might not have known is that we could basically be replaced with a monkey and a tool belt.  According to a new poll done by TheBabyWebSite.Com, Dads are good at fixing things, changing batteries and building tree houses.   Actually, if you will excuse me I need to go teach my son how to wrestle a bear and then chop off his own leg with a pocket knife if he gets stuck in a bear trap.

The Never Changing Roles of Moms and Dads

Take a look at the roles of Moms (or Mums) and Dads in the poll of 3,000 parents and it looks like it could have been taken 50 years ago.  Moms do all the cleaning, shopping, cooking and Doctor visits while Dads fix things, build things and do sports.  Has really nothing changed in the last 50 years?

Maybe Real Dads Don’t Do Polls!

Something weird is going on.  Our readers are such interesting and involved Dads – yes, they cook, clean and actually spend quality time with their family.  They are NOT just a handyman!  Yet, every time a study on parenting comes out it appears as if Dads just don’t carry their weight when it comes to family responsibilities (see the Newsweek piece).  I think we may have figured out the mystery – Real Dads Don’t Do Polls!

Dads who are busy and active in their family probably have little time to take polls and answer surveys.   It would also then follow that we have little time to read these polls and surveys… so why did I read this poll?  Wait I think they tricked me!  Time to get out my toolkit and go to school on these poll taking people… that is what us Dads do, right?

Read the Poll – Mums and Dads Have Very Different Jobs in Family Life

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