Bowflex UpperCut Review: Upper Body Workout Machine Or Clothing Catcher?

Bowflex UpperCut

Bowflex UpperCut

There is some good news and bad news when it comes to the new Bowflex UpperCut workout device.  First the good news, the UpperCut is compact, versatile, easy to setup and use and can really help you get an excellent upper body workout.    Now for the bad news, the Bowflex UpperCut has a locked mode where it makes a great little table to pile all your clothes on and as we all know, once you start piling clothes on a workout machine…the working out ends!

Perfect Pushups Are Easier When You Bounce Up!

The real secret sauce to the Bowflex Upper Cut are the resistance bands and unique design.  Put the UpperCut under your chest and suddenly you are doing perfect pushups…because the resistance bands help you pop up.  Even though the pushups are easier to do thanks to the UpperCut, you are still getting a great workout due to the emphasis on good form and really focusing the effort on your chest and upper body.  This may make more sense if we show you the UpperCut in action…

Please Take A Look at Our BowFlex UpperCut Video Review -

I Know, I am The Anti-Role Model For Someone With A Cut Upper Body

If you watch the Bowflex UpperCut commercials you always see guys with incredible chests, like this guy –

UpperCut by Bowflex

If you look like that, more power to you.  In reality, most Dads I see look a little different.  If we are down in a push up position, it is probably because we tripped over the kids’ toys and we are just trying to get back up!  Seriously, we wanted to see how the UpperCut would work for “normal” Dads who are just trying to squeeze in a workout at home and get some upper body strength back.

The UpperCut Does Provide An Intense Workout Without Hitting the Gym

I have to say, we were very impressed with the UpperCut.  The device is simple to use, but also very versatile – you can do a over 30 different exercises with the UpperCut.  Nautilus does a great job on their UpperCut Workout site showing full video training routines.   We found it straight forward to follow along with the videos and get a pretty intense workout in a short amount of time.  If you prefer to just see all the different exercises you can do with the UpperCut, they do provide a nice color poster that shows all the routines.

Clothes Be Damned, This Dad Is Using The UpperCut to Workout!

It has only been a week, but I am really impressed with the UpperCut.  The unit is small enough to fit in any apartment, but it can be configured to provide a wide range of exercises.   The video routines and poster of exercises provide a great way for even beginners to get going.  We still wish there was more printed explanation of the routines and theories on how to get the best workout and when to use the different settings for the resistance bands, but I guess most people prefer videos these days.

We will update in a month if things change, but so far I am keeping the Bowflex UpperCut free of clothes.  Anyway, I figure a few more weeks with the UpperCut and my chest will be so ripped that I will need to buy all new shirts anyway :)

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