Vibe Cup Review: Can You Drink Coffee Out Of Your Portable Speaker?

Vibe Cup

Vibe Cup

As a Dad with way too much crap stuff all over the house, I am all for any gadget that can serve multiple purposes.  Sure, I have coffe cups and a few portable speakers, but if I want to eliminate stuff, I clearly need a coffee cup that IS a portable speaker.  Thankfully, I now have the Vibe Cup.

The Vibe Cup Is Not a SNL Skit, It Is The Real Deal

A coffee cup that is a portable speaker for your cell phone?  A portable speaker that you can also drink coffee out of?  This all sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit, but I assure you the Vibe Cup is the real thing, and we have the video review to prove it…

Please watch our video review of the Vibe Cup -

The Vibe Cup Test, Do You See A Plain Cup or An Awesome Gadget?

Now, some people will look at the above video and say, “What is the big deal, it is just a cup!”  Others will look at it and say “I love it, it is just a cup!”  We are big believers in keeping things simple and the Vibe Cup is about as simple a cell phone external speaker as you could possibly make.  No batteries, no adapters, nothing to charge – drop any phone in the cup and it amplified the sound by 50%.

The Twisting Handle, Pure Genius

While the Vibe Cup is basically a cup, the twisting handle is pure genius.  As the video shows, simple twist the handle and it becomes a directional stand for your speaker.  This allows you to point the Vibe Cup in your direction and really hear the sound.  Of course, having the clip on the handle also means you can easily clip the cup on your backpack when you go hiking or camping.

Conclusion:  The Vibe Cup Is One Of Those Things You Can’t Stop Showing Friends

I could claim that I know the Vibe Cup is a cool product because it allows you to amplify the tunes on your phone without the need for any batteries, power, adapters or having to remove your case.  I could also talk about how a dishwasher safe speaker is pretty special.  However, the reason I know the Vibe Cup is a cool product is because every time someone comes over, I can’t stop myself from dropping my phone in the Vibe Cup and showing off its sound.  One tip, make sure the Vibe Cup is empty before you drop your $600 phone into it.

More Information:

The Vibe Cup from Mach 5 Sells for $14.95

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