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ONE Coconut Water Nutrition Facts

ONE Coconut Water

Dads, Moms and kids of all ages – we are going Coco for Coconut Water. This post is the latest in our series of Coconut Water Reviews .  Not sure why we are obsessed with Coconut Water? Read how Coconut Water cast an evil spell on us.  Be sure to read the other coconut water reviews and prepare yourself for the Dad Does Ultimate Coconut Water Blind Taste Test coming soon!

The first thing you notice when you grab a ONE Coconut Water is the funny box it comes in.  Technically the box is called a Tetra Pak and has some real benefits (more on this later) but it still feels like you are drinking one of the kids juice boxes.

ONE Coconut Water – Another Coconut Water With A Funny Name

ONE is actually O.N.E. which is actually One Natural Experience.   Still, most people see it as ONE Coconut Water, which is a funny thing because it is really should be called TEN Coconut Water.   O.N.E.  makes more varieties of Coconut Water than just about any other company.  You have the pure coconut water, but then you have 3 more choices – one with a splash of pineapple, another with mango and the third with pink guava.

One Coconut Water Line

Don’t Order Yet – Let Us Supersize the Amount of ONE Coconut Water Products

In addition to the 4 ONE Coconut Water products above, they also make a ONE Active Coconut Water.   Let’s not forget the kids, I guess they figured since they were putting  juice in boxes, why not make some Coconut Water Juices for kids?  So O.N.E. now makes a line of juice boxes for kids – all made with Coconut Water.

To Keep Things Consistent, We Will Focus on ONE Pure Coconut Water

In the future we may post more about all the different flavors of ONE Coconut Water and provide a full review of the ONE Kids line, but to keep things consistent with the other brands of coconut water we are reviewing, we will focus on the ONE Pure Coconut Water.

Here are the Nutritional Facts on the ONE Coconut Water –

ONE Coconut Water Nutrition Facts

As you can see, the big claims to fame for the ONE Coconut Water is high potassium, low sugar and no fat.  You can read more about potential health benefits of drinking  coconut water here and here.  In short, Coconut Water is very good for hydrating and has been called Nature’s sports drink.

How Does O.N.E. Coconut Water Taste?

This is very simple to answer – it tastes great and terrible! The ONE Coconut Water is by far the most polarizing coconut water we have tested.  Some tasters loved it – felt it was the most authentic coconut water.  Other tasters swore that it was spoiled and just couldn’t stomach it at all.

Here are some of the various comments we received:

“Love it, taste like real coconut water”

- “Strong aftertaste”

- “This must be spoiled, just doesn’t taste right”

- “Good start, but really powerful kick at the end”

- “Didn’t like it at first taste, but the more I drink it, the more I like it”

- “I don’t love the taste, but I do find it strangely addictive”

As you can see, we received a very large range of comments.

You Want The Coconut Water? You Can’t Handle The Coconut Water!

Sure that line sounds better when Jack Nicholson is saying it and you replace “coconut water” with “truth” – but you get the idea.  ONE Coconut water taste very much like pure coconut water and for some people that means a taste they really can’t handle. ONE Coconut Water is truly an acquired taste.

The best way we could put it is to say that ONE Coconut Water does NOT have a neutral taste.  The taste is going to slap you in the face and force you to love it or hate it – not much in between.   ONE Coconut Water most reminds us of a fine wine.  When you first try wine, you usually don’t love the taste.  As you drink more wine, you learn to appreciate it and pick up a taste for good wine.  I would say the same holds true with the ONE Coconut water, you probably will not love it at first, but if you like coconuts, you may end up acquiring a taste for the ONE Coconut Water as you drink more of it.  Then again, just as some people will never enjoy the taste of wine, the same is true with this coconut water.

Remember, ONE does make a line of coconut waters that are splashed with other fruits, so if pure coconut water does not work for you – you might want want to try one of the fruit flavored varieties.

Is their Magic In Those Tetra Pak Boxes?

On the ONE website they have extensive information about the Tetra Pak boxes that the coconut water comes in.  First, the boxes can be fully recycled – so great for the environment.  However, the big deal with the Tetra Pak boxes is that it allows for aseptic packaging.  We are not going to get all chemistry geek on you here, let’s just say that Aseptic packaging allows normally perishable drinks to be packed in boxes that do not require refrigeration, yet maintain a complete fresh and active nutritional profile.

So, do the boxes really make a difference?  To be honest, we are really not qualified to give you a scientific answer on the whole aseptic packaging issue.  What we can say is that from an environmental stand point, the boxes are a winner!  We really don’t need more plastic bottles filling the landfills.

Conclusion on ONE Coconut Water:

ONE Coconut Water is a coconut water you will love… or hate.  It has a very strong and authentic coconut water taste, so if you love real coconut water you will probably love the ONE. On the other hand, if you are not used to coconut water, it will take a while for you to get accustomed to the powerful taste.  ONE does make additional coconut waters with a splash of different fruits, these may be a good choice if you find the pure coconut water is too strong.  Kids will probably not go for the ONE Coconut Water, but that is fine since they make a separate line of Coconut Water juice boxes just for kids (which we will review in a separate post).

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