Meet Botti, The Remote Controlled Pet Bot You Get When You Gene Splice Muppets and Gremlins?

Botti Bot Remote Controlled Pet

Botti Bot Remote Controlled Pet

Here at Dad Does we are no strangers to remote control (RC) toys.  In addition to writing endless reviews of RC planes, cars and helicopters, we actually have an entire playlist on YouTube just for RC toys.  Okay, I just read that last statement and that is pretty sad, clearly we need to get a life, or a hobby or a pet…  Wait, a pet, that’s it.  No not a pet you actually need to feed and take care of, remember we have RC toys to play, no we will go with Botti, the brand new remote controlled pet!

Say Hello to Bopsy-Bot Our New Pet Botti

As grizzled veterans of all things RC toys, not much surprises us anymore, but Botti, well it cast a spell on us!  The Botti bots from Blip Toys are sort of like a mix of Muppets, Gremlins, plush toys and a super cool RC car.  Why are we even trying to describe the Botti, you need to see our new pet, Bopsy-Bot, to appreciate the fun of Botti –

Please watch our video review of Botti Bots -

Finally A Cool RC Toy That Girls Will Love

Absolutely girls can and should play with all the standard RC planes, cars and helicopters, but they clearly lack any cute factor.  Botti Bots have plenty of cool RC technology, but they are also just soft, cute and fun.  We can see girls loving the Botti bots because they mix the right amount of technology with personality and still leave plenty of room for imaginative play.

Kids Want a Pet?  Just Get Them A Botti Bot

Pets are a lot of work.  Yeah, I guess every few months we will need to change the 5 AA batteries that Bopsy Bot runs on, but that sure beats daily walks and feedings.  Blip Toys really does a good job of presenting Botti as a pet.  The box is shaped like a pet carrier, complete with air holes.  Of course once you get one Botti, the kids will start working the “Botti needs a friend” routine.  Yes, there will be two Bottis at launch in August 2013, Bopsy-Bot and Bitsy-Bot, with more on the way.

Is Botti Really A Friend For Life?

The marketing material plays up the “Friend For Life” bit.  While life may be stretching it, we do think Botti has enough personality, features and just general cuteness to keep the kids entertained long enough for you to feel justified dropping $39.95 on the toy.  If you have girls who are into pets, plush toys and things that move – they are going to love the Botti Bots.  The lights are cool, the spinning action is awesome and the Muppet like fur all over the thing will just make everyone who sees the bot smile.  Yes, you may go a little insane hearing the 8 different sounds that come out of Botti, but it still beats taking a real pet for a walk on those rainy days.

More Information:

Botti Bots from Blip Toys, Ages 4+, $39.95 Retail

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