Zoom Zooka Review: Why Blast Darts OR Water, Now You Can Do Both With One Blaster

Zoom Zooka

Zoom Zooka

Kids like planes that can fit in your pocket and high flying foam rockets.  Kids like darts that go faster and high powered water blasters.  No, we are not writing the next great children’s book, we are simply describing the new Zoom Zooka from Zing Toys.  The Zoom Zooka is a 4-In-1 blaster that can fire foam planes, rockets and darts.  An air blaster that fires different foam projectiles is fine, but not groundbreaking.  No, what makes the Zoom Zooka super cool is the 4th feature, the ability to work as a high powered water blaster as well!

Let’s Watch Our Video Review of the Zoom Zooka 4-In-1 Blaster -

No Batteries Needed, Just Pump and Play

The video pretty much shows it all when it comes to the ZoomZooka.  Operation could not be easier, put one of the included darts, planes or rockets on the front, then pull out and push back to use air power to launch your projectile.  You get three foam rockets, three suction darts and one foam plane. The packaging claims the rockets can fly up to 50 feet, but that probably depends on your strength and your speed in pumping the gun.  In any case, the Zoom Zooka is a solid and fun air blaster.

The Zoom Zooka Is Not Afraid of the Water

Try sticking a Nerf Elite blaster into a bucket of water and see how that works.  Actually, kids, definitely do not do that, because you will break your blaster.  On the other hand, you can absolutely stick the Zoom Zooka in some water, suck in some water and then blast your friends with a powerful stream of said water.  We should point out, there is no water tank, so you get one massive blast of water and then need to refill.  Still, the ability of the Zoom Zooka to work as both an air blaster and water blaster is very cool.

Conclusion:  The Zoom Zooka Is The Perfect Summertime Blaster

Really, is there anything worse than showing up to a water gun fight with an air blaster?  Well, maybe the only thing more awkward would be showing up to a foam dart war with a water gun.  Well, with the Zomm Zooka 4-In-1 Blaster you are always prepared!  The only real downside to the Zoom Zooka is that the included suction cup darts don’t fly far, so most kids will stick with firing off the rockets and plane, which do fly well.  If you are looking for a fun indoor/outdoor toy for the kids, the Zoom Zooka is a wise choice.  Of course the real magic with the Zoom Zooka happens when you stick it in a bucket of water and emerge with a water cannon.  Is it wrong for a Dad to laugh like a maniac while dosing his kids with water?

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The Zoom Zooka from Zing Toys Sells For About $15

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