Guide to The Best Outdoor Toys For 2013, Let The Summer Games Begin

Best and Top Summer Toys for 2013

Best and Top Outdoor Toys for 2013
Spring has sprung!  Summer is right around the corner.  The days are getting longer…and if the kids don’t get out of the house soon, our tempers will be getting shorter.   Enough playing video games and hacking away at tablets, it is time to get the kids playing outside.

Do the kids need a little incentive to go electronics free and get playing outside?  You have come to the right place oh weary parent, sit back and bask in the amazement that is…

The Complete Guide To The Best Outdoor Toys and Games for 2013

In this guide we will be covering the awesome top outdoor toys for kids of all ages (and even some for Moms and Dads) for 2013. As always, every toy and product in this guide has been subject to real world, hands-on testing by Moms and Dads. In addition, our reviews are completely objective, we never charge any money to do a review (see our Product Review Pledge).

Let’s not forget our past.  There were plenty of great outdoor toys in 2012 as well.  Click here to see our 2012 Guide to The Best Outdoor Toys!

Fun Outdoor Toys Keep Coming In and This Living Guide Keeps Growing

We are starting this guide in May, but we will keep adding toys as the temperature keeps rising. We are constantly testing out new outdoor toys and games and will be updating this guide every few days – so check back often. Have an outdoor toy, game or gadget you really want to see reviewed? Just let us know – we aim to please.

Enough of the idle chit chat, let’s get right into The Best Outdoor Toys for 2013…

A Super Scooter For Skiers Sans Ski Slope

Razor Trikke E2

Razor Trikke E2

What is not to love about a three wheel scooter that you can carve it up like skiing…or sit back and let the twin 12 volt batteries power the front motor that will scoot you along at a cool 9 MPH?  The Razor Trikke E2 is an awesomely fun new scooter from Razor for 2013.   The regular kick scooter just not doing it for your kids this year?  The Razor Trikke E2 takes scooting to a whole different level.  While the Trikke E2 is a made for kids, let’s just say I know of a Dad who has spent way too much time grinning like a mad man as his scoots around the driveway, only faintly hearing the screams, “Dad, can we have a turn now???

Full Review (and video) of Razor Trikke E2

Price: Sells for About $250. Good for kids ages 8 and up.

Best Way to Actually Enjoy a Family Bike Ride

Burley Kazoo Trailer Bike

Burley Kazoo Trailer Bike

The Razor Trikke E2 is great for the 8 and up crowd, but what about the younger kids who still love the thrill of speed?  Sure the 5 year old can pedal all he wants, but a bike with training wheels just doesn’t exactly fly.  A better idea is to add a Burley Kazoo Trailer Bike to your bike and go out on a fun family bike ride that everyone will enjoy.  Your son/daughter can pedal to help you out, or just coast and enjoy watching Dad be his personal engine.  A patented hitch design makes the Burley Kazoo a safe and easy way to get everyone on bikes.

Full Review (and video) of The Burley Kazoo Trailercycle

Price: $299. Best for kids ages 4-10

Your Best Chance At Reaching a Cloud

Sky Ripperz from Zing Toys

Sky Ripperz from Zing Toys

Okay, so maybe Sky Ripperz from Zing Toys can not reach the clouds, but they sure come close!  Sky Ripperz are bungee launched rockets that can go over 250 feet high.  No batteries, no complicated setup, simply pull the Rip-Zip launcher back and watch the rockets fly.  As if high flying rockets were not enough, the Sky Ripperz rockets also whistle as they plummet back to earth.  Simply awesome outdoor fun.

Full Review (and video) of the Sky Ripperz

Price: $14.99. Ages 8 and up

Best Toy For Kids Who Love to Stomp

Zoom Rocketz From Zing Toys

Zomp Rocketz

As fun as the Sky Ripperz are, they do take some practice and coordination to get the release just right.  For younger kids that want the thrill of easy flying rockets, go with the Zoom Rocketz from Zing Toys.  Let us give you the full instructions… Place rocket on launcher and then stomp down on launcher!  Kids love to jump and stomp and they will love it even more when their jumping and stomping produces rockets that fly 200 feet!

Full Review (and video) of Zoom Rocketz

Price: $14.99 and Ages 6 and up

The Best Way To Be A Stunt Pilot…Without Getting Hurt

Air Hogs Sky Stunt Plane

Air Hogs Sky Stunt Plane

The thought of my kids doing loops, dives and twists in a real stunt plane fills me with terror.  So I am hoping they will get their daredevil pilot feelings out of their system by doing loops, dives and twists with the new Air Hogs RC Sky Stunt Plane.  Normally RC planes require precision control, practice and patience, but not with the Sky Stunt!  The goal of the Sky Stunt is to stall the engines and do crazy cork screw dives.  If you have kids who like the idea of RC planes but have never had the patience to become a controlled pilot, the Air Hogs Sky Stunt plane is the toy they need.

Full Review (and video) of Air Hogs Sky Stunt Plane

Price: $34.95 and Ages 8 and Up

Best Outdoor Toy For Kids Who Love Flying, But Hate Waiting

SkyTrix from Daydream Toy

SkyTrix Review

The Air Hogs Sky Stunt is great, but when the batteries die you do need to wait while they recharge.  If you have kids who want to get a plane flying, without ever waiting for a recharge, go with the SkyTrix.  This brand new toy from Daydream Toy is part stunt glider, part kite, part Yo-Yo, part frisbee and 100% fun!  Whip the SkyTrix around with the included tether and then let it fly.  Watch the SkyTrix do stunts or play a game of catch with a friend.  A simple and fun way to enjoy time outside on those summer days.

Full review (and video) on the SkyTrix from Daydream Toy

Price: About $15. Great for kids ages 8 and up

The Best Toy To Prove That A Circle Is The Most Fun Shape

Fly Wheels from Jakks Pacific

Fly Wheels Toy from Jakks Pacific

Sure triangles can be cool if you are making a kite, but for high speed fun, what shape can top a circle? Jakks Pacific has rereleased the Fly Wheels line of toys and they are awesome.  The Fly Wheels After Burner is a tire and a launcher.  That may not sound like much, but pull the rip cord and watch the tire jump over a car (watch our video review).

If your kids are more into flying circles, go with the Fly Wheels Flight.  Pull the rip cord and watch the propellor fly into the sky.  No batteries, nothing complicated, just simple fun toys that will keep the kids playing outside until it gets dark.

Full review (and video) on the Fly Wheels

Price: About $8 and up.  Great for kids ages 5 and up

For Kids Who Want to Take Their Hoops Game to The Next Level

GameDay Scoreboad

GameDay Scoreboards

Having a hoop in the driveway is a great start, but what about a scoreboard, a ref and of course the sounds of the crowd?  Well, now the kids can have all that in one simple package – The GameDay Scoreboard.  The electronic scoreboard attaches to any hoop and in addition to keeping score also has a number of different games that kids can play.  Somehow it just feels so much better when you beat your older sibling and have the electronic scoreboard to prove it!

Full review (and video) on the GameDay Scoreboard

Price: About $34.95. Great for all ages

Because Beverages Taste Better When They Are Not Spilled All Over The Ground…

The CanStand


This one is more for the Moms and Dads.  Do you really want to risk putting that frosty cold beverage on the ground where it may be overrun by ants or even worse, run over by your kids?  No, your drink deserves better, it deserves to stand up!  The CanStand is exactly that, a stand for your can.  In the back yard or at the beach, the CanStand is a fun way to keep your drink out of harms way…and just a little closer to your mouth!

Full review (and video) of the CanStand

Price: About $12.

The Best Way To Be Prepared For Any Summertime Battle

The Zoom Zooka

Zoom Zooka

Come the summertime you never know what type of war will break out.  Maybe foam darts are flying and you need a trusty air blaster to fire back.  Of course, on those hot summer days, it may be a water gun war that erupts.  Do the kids really need to carry around an air blaster and a water blaster, you know, just in case?  No says Zing Toys with the newly released  Zoom Zooka 4-In-1 blaster.  Not only can the Zoom Zooka fire off three different types of foam darts and rockets, it can also be used as a water blaster!

Full review (and video) of the Zoom Zooka

Price:  About $12.

The Best Way To Get The Kids Outside…At Night!

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 500 Projector

Epson Cinema 500

What is a projector doing in a guide to outdoor toys for summer?  Well, the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 500 can turn your backyard into a summer movie theater…and really what is more fun than that?  Now the sun going down is not a reason for the kids to come inside, just pop some popcorn, pick your movie and project it on the side of your house with the PowerLite Home Cinema 500.  Don’t worry about getting a front row seat, with the ability to project a 300″ image, every seat in the backyard will be a great seat!

Part 1 of Epson Home Cinema 500 Review

Part 2 of Epson Home Cinema 500 Review (And Video Review)

Price:  About $349

Stay Tuned – Much More To Come…

We are just getting started with our fun outdoor toys for Spring and Summer 2013. We will be adding new reviews on a regular basis so check back often or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest updates.

Now get outside and play!

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